Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Crafty Quilter Turns 90!

Our local sewing group had reason to celebrate! Once again we were privileged to honor one of our members on her 90th birthday (the other celebrant was Emmy Lou in March, shown here). This time it was Marie Block, above right, who was the honoree at our luncheon. Marie is a longtime crafter who still does a bit of crochet, although she acknowledges she's slowed down a little. One of Marie's annual efforts is to fill 20 shoeboxes with small items such as toys, school supplies, and sox for children in need around the world. It's part of her church's social outreach through Christmas Shoebox program. Our fearless leader Gwen Hill-Hearn is shown above left, presenting Marie with a gift and our thanks for being a treasured member of the Citra Crafty Quilters. We were all very happy to celebrate Marie's birthday with her!

Of course a show-and-tell is always part of our group gatherings. This time Elaine Cornett (above, right) had her scrappy Strip Twist quilt. Elaine used plenty of colorful strips and a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website. Mary Reynolds (above, left) quilted it on her longarm machine.

Our group always manages a feast for such special occasions. In addition to quilting, crafting, tatting, and embroidering, our members are good cooks. I'll echo the words used my small hometown newspaper years ago when reporting on social events... "a fine time was had by all."

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Martha Lever said...

Oh it looks like such a wonderful celebration!! So wonderful to hear stories like this!!!