Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Big Squeeze…


A fiber arts group I belong to issued a challenge to create a journal quilt (about 8” x 11”) around a theme word. This month’s word is “Pucker”. I went right for the obvious and painted a lemon slice on a Gelli-printed background. I’d been wanting to try out some Texture Magic purchased at a quilt show some time ago, so decided to surround the lemon slice with some “puckered” fabric. You can see the amount of texture created on plain cotton fabric using this product which shrinks and bubbles the fabric to about 30% smaller than it started. Fascinating stuff!


Lily looked pensive as she considered the work so far and decided if I could continue working or not. She has a way of making her point about wanting food or attention, and will often jump up on the sewing machine and put a stop to the proceedings until we’re clear about her needs.


This is the packaging for the Texture Magic, and a small piece showing the backside. After stitching a fabric to the product, a steam iron set on high does the work of shrinking up the fabric. You do need to be cautious and hover over, not touch, the Texture Magic with the iron to avoid melting. I found one steam iron worked better than the other as it had a hotter setting and produced more plentiful steam. I also used a hot mitt to hold the iron for safety as the steam rose up around the sides of the iron.


Here are Lily’s paws resting on the lemon. Usually her presence is no problem, but I learned the hard way to keep her out of the sewing room when using tulle over a design. She put some runs in the tulle on one of my quilts with her claws! I look forward to seeing others’ interpretations of “Pucker”. I’ll share some photos here if possible.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stitched and Painted Portfolio…


Well I’ve found a product that simply combines the best of everything for me. It’s called “canvas paper” and you can use it for both painting and stitching. What a great invention! My introduction to it came through an online class with Roben-Marie Smith titled “Collage, Construct, Affirm”.


We began by layering and adhering papers on a large sheet of canvas paper, and followed that with paint and various surface designs to create a big, lovely piece of art. Once completed and dried, we cut and stitched the piece into a handy portfolio.


This is the front side of the portfolio. Very ‘60s-looking, yes? Or even a bit like sidewalk chalk art. It just makes me smile when I look at it.


Inside there’s room to store whatever items strike my fancy.


Mine will house coupons and will travel with me in the car. The side pocket of my car is overloaded with flyers and coupons from JoAnn’s; Hobby Lobby; Michaels; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; local restaurants… well, you know. JoAnn’s and BBB seem to be in a competition to see who can send out more flyers and promotions. I think JoAnn’s is winning, but it’s close! At last, now I have a good way to corral those coupons and make the inside of my car a prettier place. I’ll much prefer looking at this colorful mixed media piece as opposed to odd-size papers and circulars. My family will appreciate it, too.


This is a section of the second piece I made. You can see the papers and images collaged on the canvas paper beneath the paints and the sketchy hearts. Roben-Marie has some other projects in the course, so we'll be using all of our creative pieces.


DSCN4041Above, top, is a photo of the canvas paper pad which I bought at Hobby Lobby. One side is coated with gesso so it receives the paint and other media well. Once I got a taste of making canvas paper pieces, there was no stopping me! I got out a Gelli Plate (yet another great invention!) and paint, and began this painted patchwork piece, also above. This is only the first layer, and I plan to add more color and some sewing, too. What is it going to be? Ha! That’s like asking a quilter with an arm-load of fabric at the quilt shop what she’s going to use it for. There’s just no answer because the thrill is in the selecting and making. More will be revealed! Meanwhile it’s just so much fun to play with my new favorite "fabric".