Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Good Day at the Quilt Shop..

We've all been awaiting the opening of our local quilt shop Peggy's Heirlooms of Tomorrow at her new location in Market Square, Ocala. Since I was out and about early (not so common for me.. a natural night person), I stopped at the store and joined a line of more than 25 people waiting for the doors to open. I was number four in line, and the first 20 customers received a gift bag. Here's mine... chock full of goodies like a pattern, specialty buttons, thread nets, thread spools, laces, fabric, a quilty pin, and even a $10 gift card for the pizza place just down from Peggy's. What a treat the new shop is, and the goody bag, too!

While I'm photographing the gift bag and its contents, I'll also show you another of the fabric-covered rope baskets, at top. This one was made in an online class at Joggles called "Treasure Nests" by Tammy Gilley. It's a softer, thicker cord than clothes line, and it's hand stitched and embellished.


Robbie said...

Nancy, we winter in Ocala (rent in Ocala Palms Jan. thru April). I've been waiting for this shop to open! And what a nice present for you too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Love your heart piece you did..congrats on that too!!

Jan said...

Lucky you! looks like some fun gifts. I saw that basket and thought it was a pile of fabric bracelets. Cute! I used to make this sort of thing, I should try it again with my fresh outlook.