Thursday, March 4, 2010

Party Time-Needlewoman Turns 90!

Meet Emmy Lou, a lively 90-year old who almost always has a stitchery project in hand. Emmy Lou is a member of our small group called the Citra Crafty Quilters. We meet weekly at the community center here in FL to sit, sew, and visit. Members are involved in all kinds of needlework including (but not limited to!) knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, dollmaking, tatting. There's always a lot going on.

What was going on this week was a celebration in honor of Emmy Lou's 90th. We had snacks along with two cakes and ice cream. Emmy Lou is admirable for many reasons, not the least of which is her sense of humor. While taking her photo, she wanted to reverse the number candles on her cakes so they read "09". Deciding that was not credible, she revised the plan so that the numbers would read "60." Emmy Lou makes 90 look like fun!

Several members had works-in-progress with them and we had an opportunity to show and tell. Claudia, a longarm quilter of Quiltworks of Orange Springs, completed this black & white & red star quilt. She used a nice assortment of prints, and enhanced the top with her graceful feather quilting. She was also a student in the "Shape Shifting" class taught by Jane Sassaman at the Honeybee Retreat in Jacksonville. Claudia had a clear vision of the concept she wanted. Her quilt, below, incorporates aboriginal design elements and some of thecolorful fabrics she collected on a trip to Australia, where she has roots.

Ann-Marie, right, is working on this redwork Winter Wonderland by Crab Apple Hill quilt. The range of red embroidery floss colors, including a variegated one, adds interest. She's got quite a few months to complete this for Christmas. Wonder if she'll hit that deadline? I'm saying, not her. Of course, we won't talk about the similar redwork piece I'm working on and deadlines! It's a long way from done.

Prue was working on this little bunny quilt. I love the background she chose.. it's the perfect field of greens and flowers. Any bunny would be in heaven here. Notice the tiny yo-yo accents, too.

And I brought the See & Say Story quilt top made from assorted novelty prints and puppy panels. My niece and her husband are adopting a baby from Korea soon. I thought this would be fun for him to look at, and his siblings can make up stories from it.

Like so many good quilting gatherings, we ended this one with a little feast. We get to do this again in June when another of our members reaches this milestone 90th birthday! Isn't that wonderful?

And, by the way, one thing that drew me to the panel I used in the quilt was this image. It reminds me of our Cairn Terrier Jesse.... when he's had a hair cut, that is. Pretty cute.

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