Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Papering the Sewing Room

Apparently it's not enough that there are fabrics and fabric scraps, along with unfinished quilt projects proliferating in my sewing room. Now I am drawn to paper, and it's filling up the place, too. To say nothing of all the new supplies I need to play with paper... paints, stamps, inks, shaving cream. Yes, even shaving cream! That's what we used in Carol Murphy's "Tempting Techniques" online class at Joggles to make marbleized paper. My husband had to be stopped from taking the can. He thought I bought it for him. ha, ha, ha.

The papers in the photo above are, from the left: paste paper, acrylic paint, marbled, watercolors with stamps, masking tape resist, faux mulberry, glue crackle, bleach discharge, acrylic paint, and marbled. Some were made using methods from online classes and YouTube (for the paste paper), while others were from library books on the subject. All are destined for further layering and embellishment, and will ultimately go into journals.

In addition to online classes and books, there's also a lot of inspiration and instruction among the many blogs published by various creative souls. Just look over on the left at the list of blogs I follow. You'll see some wonderful work by artists like Martha at Art du Jour.

I'm learning a lot, and speaking a whole new language. I didn't know what gesso was, but now I have a great big container of it. And then I also signed up for a journal making class titled "Open Your Door Journal Workshop". It's taught by Carole Brungar, New Zealand, on her blog "Madness and Mess". So we are working away to create papers that will go into the journals, and then get embellished.

And last, but not least, Ashley at The Creative Place had a Scrap Paper Challenge and giveaway on her blog I won a pack of her paper ephemera, shown here. The challenge is to create a variety of projects inspired by the assortment. There will be more coming about these projects on this blog and on Ashley's. Her blog is full of ideas and tutorials for all sorts of stitched and paper projects. Recipes, too. So who knows what all that wonderful paper she sent will turn into! Such fun. Stay tuned...


kiwicarole said...

Wow Nancy! Those papers look perfect! Really looking forward to seeing your journal!

bad penny said...

how lovely that you will use some of your own papers in the journal. I have some pictures up showing my staining the paper - if you get time pop over. I'm really enjoying Carole's class.

Susan said...

The papers are very interesting, and the class sounds great. Keep posting your progress. Can't wait to see your journal.