Friday, June 25, 2010

Overhaul in the Sewing Room...

There comes a point... a point at which I just cannot continue working in the sewing room until I tame some of the chaos that piles up. I reached that point recently, so I set aside the works-in-progress and got busy sorting, organizing, and purging. I'd had my eye on this Closet Maid storage unit and it went on sale at Target. So did the little canvas bins. The unit had clear assembly directions which both my husband and I appreciated, and in an afternoon the unit was ready to hold all those bits and pieces. Sorting everything was a two-day project, but so worth it.

The top of the unit provides a good place to display various small items. I quite like pincushions as the photo above shows. And this little purse journal now resides there, too. It was a giveaway on Susan's Studio Adventures blog. So cute! I can't quite bring myself to write in it yet.

And now that things are better organized, I'm back to working on the usual several projects at once. It probably won't be long until another tidying session will be required. But meanwhile, I'm really liking this storage unit. The bins are labeled and things are much easier to find. Yay!


maggi said...

I know what you mean. Your storage unit looks great.

Susan said...

Come on over to my place and help me overhaul! Love what you have done, and thanks for the mention.