Saturday, November 26, 2016

Meanwhile, Back in the Sewing Room....

I've been out and about lately, but have still had some projects brewing in the sewing room. This little Zoo Pals quilt is one on them. I've had the center panel with the critters on it for some time. Then my nephew and his wife had their first child- a little girl named Hailey. So this little quilt got built around the panel, using Drunkard Path blocks. I hand quilted the center with Big Stitch in red perle cotton, and machine quilted the borders. Plus I found a panel for a soft book to sew together. They're colorful and indestructible. Both are headed for Canada just after the holidays. 

Next is our Fiber Art Bee project for Christmas. We will have a fabric exchange of cotton fabrics we have dyed or altered in various ways. I decided to try ice dyeing when I found a Tie Dye kit on sale for a couple of dollars. All the dye powder was there, so I just needed fabric and a bag of ice. I used an old plastic dishpan and garbage bag. The fabric is at the bottom, ice on top, dye powder sprinkled on top. There's a drip pan with holes in there, too, to allow the melting ice water to pass through and create interesting pattern- I hope. I covered it over with the bag and allowed it to sit in the sun till the ice melted. I'll show how these came out in a later post. Fingers crossed! 

My daughter and I took an overnight trip to Disney World for the annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival. We had a wonderful time, and also visited Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

There are a lot of new stores, including this one- Uniqlo. The window was very inviting with the beautiful kimono on display.

This photo has some glare, but you can see how beautiful the kimono is. They sell all manner of Japanese fans, umbrellas, kimono, and gift items. Plus I found several tee-shirts at very reasonable prices. It's two floors of clothing for men, women, and children. Worth a visit.

I've got some art projects to show in an upcoming post as well. So lots happening here. Creative play makes me so happy!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let's Face It...

 Making these dolls has become one happy pastime! This is my latest creation. Meet Prima Donna. She's made in the same way as Charlene, shown in a previous post, but this time the dolls have painted faces. Our same instructor, Celeste Beck, taught a class on using acrylic paints rather than fabrics to make features on the Art Warrior Dolls.

This is Celeste's sample doll she named Precious. She helped us with drawing and shading whimsical features on the duck cloth face before sewing it onto the doll's body.

Lots of imagination was in play as class members came up with their own versions of fancy painted faces.

This one was going to be a "witchy" face.

Just another pretty face!

This one was planned to be a "moon" face doll.

The doll that began the Art Warrior dolls is the primitive version on the right which was given to Celeste as a gift. She refined the design and began using her vast treasure trove of fabrics and embellishments to sew several of these dolls. And she visits the Dollar Store to find seasonal items she can use for the dolls like the Halloween hat for the doll on the left.

 Slenderella and Miss Frankenstein are two other examples of how creativity runs rampant when making the dolls. It's really great sewing fun!

Prima Donna now resides on a quilt ladder with her friends. I'm sure more dolls will join her in the future. I'm gathering materials for a Christmas one. But for now, she's at the center of things- and being a Prima Donna, that's just how she likes it!