Friday, September 9, 2016

Let's Hear it for the Girls...

When I'm not sewing, I'm exploring new-to-me techniques in mixed media and art journaling. One subject that shows up repeatedly is "girl art". Sketching, drawing, painting whimsical girls seems to have appeal for many- myself included. I didn't know I wanted to draw girls, or even that I might be able to do so. However, online classes taught by established artists really help to nail down some basics and explore different styles. The young girl above is an "inner child" project taught by Tamara LaPorte in her Lifebook series. So that's me- the little Catholic girl wearing a cat hat and reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Such a light-hearted approach to drawing made it less intimidating, and of course the mixed media background was fun to make as well. Enrolling in Lifebook launched me on a path to find other mixed media classes and led to a "sampler" of girl art I'll share here!

This fashionista was made with sketching and paper collage in a Creative Workshops class taught by Cathy Bluteau. The class is titled "Draw, Collage, Paint." Of course I have much to learn about all three topoics, but really enjoy giving all this a try. 

YouTube is also a good source of tutorials on mixed media. Australian mixed media artist Toni Burt has a style with a vintage feel that I just love, and she offers a number of instructional videos on her channel.

In Art Journal Summer School 2016, a series of classes presented by several instructors, Lesley Wood taught how to make this whimsical big-eyed girl and introduced the messy fun of using charcoal. This girl looks like she's up to something- I bet that flower squirts water in your face when you smell it!

 Also in Creative Workshops, I signed up for artist Martha Lever's class "Drawing the Girls." She breaks it down to help students master various features before combining them in drawings. The graph paper helps to maintain proportion.

Meanwhile, I've also been working on a project that's been floating around in my mind for a time. The plan is to make a vintage-style fabric book that includes old photos of women and girls. Some hand work, some by machine- it's a relaxing project that is inching along. It has one page so far.

Violette Clark was also an instructor for Lifebook 2015. This is her imaginative project.

And beyond the girls, we also did projects like this one combining background techniques like watercolor, stamping, and collage. My high school art teacher of years gone by would be very surprised at the interest I've shown in the subject. He was not impressed with my efforts back in the day! But I'm learning.