Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little things mean a lot...

One sewing group I belong to is a small one that meets each Wednesday morning in Citra at our community center. We all bring projects to work on for a couple of hours while we visit and learn from each other. I like a lot about this group of women, but especially like seeing the wide variety of crafts, needlework, and sewing projects they enjoy. Today's get together really illustrated the range of talents and interests. Most of the projects you see here were on display today, and more are underway. Take for instance, Kathy Wohler's soft-sculpture doll made from a "Mother of the Bride" pattern. The doll stood on a table, greeting everyone, and resplendent in her feathered hat and pearls. She's clutching her pink hanky and purse, and looking as if she might burst into tears of joy.

Claudia Schumacher brought this journal cover to show & tell. She purchased it from a member of a quilt guild that is selling them for fund raising. Claudia reports that the covers sold out quickly! No surprise there. Decorated with a yo-yo and sparkly button, the front flap fastens with a hook-and-loop closure. It opens to the removable wire-bound notebook and pen pocket. So handy, and pretty, too.

Gwen Hill-Hearn brought these two items made by group member and seasonal resident Pru. The paper-covered book contains a notepad and pen. The small pouch is just the right size for carrying credit cards, store cards, license, and some folding money. Pru made these for all of our group members for Christmas one year. They fit in a pocket and allow hands free shopping, and no worries about carrying a purse.

All of these small projects reminded me to also share this beaded and embellished journal cover I made some time ago. It was fun to make, and I think it's time to make another.

And just in case you were wondering, Jesse the Cairn Terrier was feeling poorly after his vet visit to have his teeth taken care of. He said to tell you he's doing much better after a nap on the couch with this quilt.

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msscrooby said...

How wonderful to have a sewing group to learn from each other. There's really a wide variety of projects, but they all look great. I love the colours of your journal cover. Very pretty!