Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dolly Will Travel...

This is Charmaine, a doll I made in response to a campaign spearheaded by Sarah at Dolly Donations. Hers were the eyes seen in Sunday's post (the doll's, not Sarah's). Sarah hopes to obtain nearly 200 dolls from donors around the world. The dolls will be distributed to an orphanage in Haiti, and the project is overseen by The Abundant Ground Foundation. Both boy dolls and girl dolls are needed. Sarah designed and provded the free dolly pattern, and she has a number of tutorials for sewing the dolls, adding the faces, and making shorts for the boy dolls. Her stated mission is to provide dolls as a source of comfort to children around the world, especially orphaned children. The doll, that measures about 15" tall, was quick and easy to sew. The target date is to have the dolls in the hands of the Foundation by March 31. The latest count was nearly 150 dolls, so it's looking hopeful that Sarah's goal will be met. Charmaine leaves for NY tomorrow, and then on to Haiti with the other Dolly Donations!


Sarah said...

She is adorable Nancy! Thank you so much! I will put her up on the blog this week :) And thanks for spreading the word, any extra dollies are going to go to the local children who have nothing to call their own.

Thanks again …. And Happy Sewing!

Dolly Donations

sonja said...

thanks for this post! i shall pass it on to a group of ladies i know going on retreat this weekend that make dolls!

Nancy said...

That's great, Sonja. I was hoping others might be inspired to make one. There is still plenty of time.