Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Show in the Panhandle

Did some quilting this weekend while visiting Marianna, FL, for a Quarter Horse show. I brought the sewing machine and lots of handwork with me. But the real event was Jack showing Freckles. He had an outstanding show, and by Sunday things really clicked so that they won their western pleasure class. A super ride. Jack was overjoyed. We were all overjoyed for him!

Jenny, the trainer, is shown here with her daughter, Taylor. They had just finished their lead line class wearing their mother/daughter show shirts.

There were many sights and sounds at the showgrounds, but none more entertaining than this guy... Rowdy. He drove up from Central Florida in his rig. You can tell that he owns it. His very expressive face went from pensive to happy to very happy. Can you note the subtle changes in his face? Gotta love this guy.

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Martha Lever said...

Oh, I loved seeing this post. I used to ride Hunter and go to shows and we rode in pleasure classes with the westerners sometimes when we weren't just at the Hunter shows. That is a beautiful horse!! I have always wanted to ride a really good Quarter house but I never got to ride a good one. I have a post a week or so back of me on my precious Rosie when I was about 13 or 14. Oh such wonderful days when I rode horses. Thanks for your comment today!