Monday, April 5, 2010

Quilting Natural Florida II

That's the name of a wonderful juried exhibition of quilts at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. This is the second display based on this theme, and held at the Museum, in partnership with the Alachua County Day Guild of quilters.

Three members of the guild I belong to- Country Road Quilters, Ocala- have quilts in the exhibit. "LaChua Sunset", shown above, is just one of them. It was made by Jan Doudna, who is an avid bird watcher in addition to a talented quilter.

Quilts in the exhibit depict the flora and fauna, landscapes and other representations of beautiful Florida. The quiltmakers display expertise in many innovative techniques from thread work and applique, to fabric painting and beading. Quilting Natural Florida II is a most impressive display! Just look at the attention to detail shown in these three closeups of several of the quilts. The exhibit can be seen through April 25.

And when you've seen the quilts, you can also visit another beautiful exhibit at the Museum... The Butterfly Rainforest. This permanent exhibit is worth seeing again and again. There are at least six different butterflies in the first photo below. Can you find them?

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