Monday, March 15, 2010

Small Progress on Big Projects...

But big progress on small ones, like this. I have three quilts awaiting binding, and one to prepare for machine quilting. But since I was already in doll-making mode, I kept at it and stitched this Wacky critter. It's one variation among many in a McCall's Crafts pattern (M5826). I noticed the critters in a flyer from JoAnn's Fabrics a few weeks back. Apparently I was not the only one taken by them, because when I looked for it in the pattern drawer, the file was empty. So I had to wait to buy the pattern, not that it would be too difficult to design a similar one without a pattern. But often I tend to be a "recipe-cook" and a "pattern-stitcher", preferring to follow step-by-step directions.

This guy, Spotts, is made from soft fleece. I purchased a selection of half-yards in other colors because I'd like to make more. Spotts will accompany the small quilt I'll be sending my niece in Tulsa to give to her newly-adopted son when he arrives from Korea.

While I find his furry exterior huggable, and his lopsided smile engaging, what I really like about Spotts is the long arms that can be folded, like so. They give him such a playful attitude. He needs some friends. I'd better get sewing.


Susan said...

very whimsical

Anonymous said...

There is something about his smile that makes me smile too, especially with his arms folded.