Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Past...

Since I'm such a big fan of vintage images, it's only natural that I'd sign up for Mary Green's "Christmas Gluebook" online class. Mary supplied the expertise, the instructions, and many of the images used to make these nostalgic little booklets. Other images came from a Dover clipart CD titled "Christmas Illustrations", which I was able to print out on matte photo paper. Wielding a pair of sharp scissors, a glue stick, and some ribbon along with the images and watercolor paper, these collage-style books were the happy result! Apparently I had not gotten my fill of paper dolls and other such crafts in my youth because I found this project to be endlessly absorbing and fun. The Blue Book below is the first one I created in Mary's class. I couldn't stop at just one!

The cover for the Red Book is shown above, and the inside pages and back cover follow. Doesn't that sweet little girl look pensive as she writes her letter to Santa? The reason I'm showing most of the images of all three books here is because I'd like to share one of them with one of you. I'm grateful to those of you who read and/or follow this blog and for the comments you add. It's very encouraging. I'm coming up on a two-year anniversary of the blog, and thought now would be a good time to hold a giveaway to express my thanks.
There will be four prizes (one of them will be a booklet shown here), and here's how you get two chances to win:

1) First Chance: Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which of the booklets or images is your favorite.. Red Book, Green Book, or Blue Book. Make sure your e-mail is one I can easily find, or add it to your post to ensure that I can contact you for your mailing address you if you win. All of the names of those who comment on this post will be written on slips of paper and placed in a bowl for the drawing.

2) Second Chance: Stop back later this week (starting on Thursday) to see the rest of the giveaway prizes, and leave a comment on that post as well. I'll add all the names from that post to those already in the bowl, and draw winners the following week. (I will mail your prize internationally).That's it... so simple. Tell your friends, and invite them to visit so they can leave a comment and enter, too. And we'll all have a Merry Christmas!

Center pages, Red Book

Pages 6-7, Red Book
Back cover, Red Book

Cover, Green Book

Pages 2-3, Green Book
Center pages, Green Book

Pages 6-7, Green Book

Back cover, Green Book

Cover, Blue Book

Pages 2-3, Blue Book
Pages 6-7, Blue Book

Back cover, Blue Book


Nancy said...

You are being so generous.....These are beautiful and I would be proud to own either one but I think the blue one is my favorite...... is my email.

I hope you have a wonderful week...

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Hi Nancy. I Love it - you are giving away such a gorgeous piece that you made. I would be so excited and honoured to have any of them. I'm not really a 'green' girl, but I'm so taken with the image of the cross country skiers - I think that is my fave. You've done a super job on all of them. Congrats on blogging for nearly 2 years .. I'm so happy I found you. hugs, Donna

Robbie said...

Generous isn't the word...Red book is my favorite! Just look at that face!! I'll have to link your blog on my blog!! I know my friends and blog friends will want to see your vintage books!!! Very nice, Nancy!

Belinda said...

Oh WOW Nancy!!! Makes me feel soooo good looking at your sweet little art work! I agree, there really is something about playing with scissors and glue! Your top photo is FABULOUS!!!!

Crimson Heart Studios said...

What a beautiful book, a true labor of love. I had so much fun with my last giveaway, I'm having a new one. Come by and signup. Cindy

Malinda said...

I adore the green book but it was a tough choice ; )

bstaple117 said...

It is very difficult to pick a favorite of your work because I love the nostalgic feel of all of them! I would have to say the green is my favorite but I'd be thrilled to receive and give any one of them!!
Thanks for sharing. Barbara

Robin said...

I love the glue book idea, they are all beautiful but the green is my favorite.

di said...

more wonderful books - I love them all - but I think the green book is my favorite - no - the blue -book - well you get the picture - they are all wonderful. cdb underscore rstm at email dot com

marilyn said...


I love every one of them! So hard to select a favorite, but I'd have to say green, though I'd be thrilled to win any them. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Best holiday wishes.

KarenF said...

Nancy-all of your books are gorgeous. So difficult to choose just one but I would have to go with the green one. I have always loved vintage images. My email is if you pick my name to win one of these beauties.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Nancy, I am in love with the Green Book! There is something about the images you used and the soft green color with all the natural elements, branches, birds, leaves, trees, that I just love. Mary has such wonderful classes and you have done a wonderful job! I'm in, please throw my name in the bowl! lenna