Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 Best wishes for a blessed Christmas! The card shown above is one I made in a workshop on using hot-fix ribbon, Copic markers, and hot-fix crystals. Always fun to learn a new technique, and to express the joy of the season to all.

 I received these little treasures, left, in a gift exchange. Sewing friend Barbara makes them from craft felt, and adds all the tiny embellishments by hand. I was delighted to get them and have admired her creative work for a long time. She also gave me the white-on-white ornaments, above, right, back when I helped her sew the small felt birds shown in this post. Ornaments like these are on my "someday" list of things to make. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy hers and share them with you.

Happy holidays.

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Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

All so gorgeous, Nancy. I was not aware you could get hot fix ribbon .. beautiful card. I ADORE the little colourful little stockings. Another one of your lovely things which might just go 'missing'. he he. The quilt you admired on my blog is one my Mama made. There was a matching pair - queen size. All my quilts, Mama's quilts and my Aunties quilts went to auction. I chose the one you see to bring with me. Happy Christmas, Nancy. It's just a pleasure to have met you. I enjoy your blog so much. :o) Donna