Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wool Quilts from Tailor Scraps...

At last I'm happily back to blogging after my computer nose dive. It was nearly lost for good, but thankfully the Staples tech magician was able to recover and restore much of what was needed. I did lose quite a few photos and videos, but most of the important stuff is still available to me. Even though I thought I'd backed up all files on the little "passport" device, the photos were gone. I apparently know just enough about computers to create problems, but not enough to solve them! However, I'm moving along the learning curve as I've had to reinstall some things and it's been successful. 

In the interim, I was able to visit blogs and I found this wonderful post on Jean Carlton's Quiltsetcetera. Visit her if you get a chance. She shows a variety of wool quilts- new ones and vintage examples. Just stunning. It reminded me that I'd made these wool quilts several years back, using scraps given to me by a New York tailor shop.

The one shown above is a Crazy Quilt with lots of embroidery stitches. I tend to fall back on a few of the same stitches. Notice how I changed the color of the floss to fool the viewer into thinking less is more! heh, heh, heh. But I did even manage some bullion roses.

Then I used more of the textured scraps in this Brick-style quilt shown below. It's jazzed up with some graphic shapes cut from the small pile of red wool scraps. And I stuck with a standard herringbone stitch for the seams on this one. Small projects were my choice for this because I find working with wool can be tricky (it can get baggy, to say nothing of moth-eaten) and large wool quilts are bulky and heavy. Plus the scrap supply was limited. But they were fun projects to work on.

So I'm glad to be back, and I'm still adjusting to the way things work differently now (like Blogger's layout). But I'll be back in December with a little giveaway for Christmas. I appreciate all of you who read and enjoy this blog, and this will be my way of saying many thanks. Oh hey... December is tomorrow! I better get working on the giveaway prizes. More to come! See you real soon.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Yes Nancy. Happy December. It's been a surprise to me as well. These quilts are marvelous. I've always been crazy for crazy quilts, so I'll have that one when you're not looking. :o) I remember when I was a small child, there were two of these in our family. They were already well used, and were relegated to 'car' quilts to be used in the winter (just in case) and in the summer for picnics etc. Heavy and warm. The way you have used the red wool scraps to enhance the brick quilt is most attractive. Happy you are back and your computer is doing well. :o) Donna

Susan said...

welcome back to blogland. Isn't is amazing when someone finds out that you sew, you are gifted with wonderful scraps.

Jean Carlton said...

Thanks for the reference to my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it.I love your examples and am glad you posted them....often I read blogs and am inspired to piggyback on their post. Including a link is a great idea. In fact, I also have made a quilted notebook cover which is similar to your posted on that. Now I want to make more. I will take photos and put up on my blog soon. I don't use it for sewing....and now want to make one to hold my Kindle....thanks again