Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joyeux Noel... and the St. Augustine Tour Continues

This vintage image has lurked in my sewing room for ages just waiting to be used in a notecard, so I thought I'd share it here. It's another of the Dover clipart images that will be used again and again. I love the elegance of the couple, and her chartreuse gloves are such the fahionable accent. Looks like a glam New Year's Eve to me. Gloves are an accessory I would actually like to see make a come back, functional winter knit ones aside.

But let's continue on our field trip in St. Augustine. I am so drawn to courtyards and hidden alleyways, and there are many of them to take a glimpse into in the old town. If I had a courtyard, would I really spend much time in it? I like to think I would... the fantasy is fun at least.

Pull up a chair. Isn't this a cushy and inviting one? It's in the lobby of the Casa Monica Hotel. A little brighter lighting and I could curl up and stitch or read there for an afternoon. The one below is in the lobby, too, but it looks a bit more daunting... rather regal looking. I think you might need to have a sceptre to sit there.

Here are some more images from historic St. Augustine- an old home bedecked with holiday garland, a courtyard full of fountains and flags, and another with a stained glass parrot in a tree. You can just make him out in front of the window.  One more  inviting cobbled side street. On this visit we discovered a new-to-us part of the city... the North City on San Marco Avenue. Located there were Luli's Cupcakes (wow!), The Bead Chick, Claire's Collectibles Fun Rubber Stamps, a paper store, and an artisan's cooperative. Shopping fun for me, and for you if you get to delightful St. Augustine for a visit. Sounds like I work for the Chamber of Commerce, doesn't it? Nope. But I love our day trips to the oldest US city.


Robbie said...

What a great day trip! Of course I had to check out the Bead Chick web site! The store looks so inviting!!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Sounds so inviting, and I'm enjoying the tour you are giving us so much. I didn't realize St. Augustine was the oldest city. Now I'm curious and will do some research on that. Great little shopping district you found. Hope you got some goodies. My magazine arrived today, Nancy! I'm savoring it .. very slowly in small bites. Thanks again for all that inspiration. :o) Donna