Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Stitching...

Our small local sewing circle in Citra made a new plan for the summer. We extended our meeting time by a couple of hours, bring our lunches, and happily sew on our various projects for much of the day. The gatherings have been well attended, and the additional time means that more of us bring our machines. Now we get to see different projects our fellow stitchers are working on, since we usually bring handwork for our shorter time together. Here's a sampling of the projects from this week's session. We get a lot of work done, and have fun doing it.

Nora's cute rooster pinushion sits on top of her collection of beautiful batiks, above.

I'm working on an Eleanor Burns pattern, Whirligig, above, which combines a Jelly Roll of 2 1/2" strips with strips cut from a single light fabric.

And Karen is working on an Eleanor Burns pattern also, top left. It's from her book titled Still Stripping. Gwen is piecing strata, above right, using all her scraps and small pieces of novelty prints. She'll make quilts to donate to a charity project for kids. Prairie Point Pinecones by Penny are shown at left. (I love alliteration). And Laura knit warm and hands-free toppers for her daughters-in-law, which Gwen models. It's going to be a creative and productive summer!

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Jan said...

nice work, everyone!