Friday, July 30, 2010

Separation Anxiety...

We're going to be traveling to Maine this weekend. I experience the usual pre-travel nervousness (what could I be forgetting?) and listmaking. But added to that, for some reason, I find it difficult to leave my sewing room. Of course it's hard to leave our animals as well. But we have an excellent caretaker here with them. But the sewing room...I look at all the projects I'm in the midst of, and consider all the progress I won't be making on them while I'm gone. Funny, but it doesn't bother me to have unfinished projects galore when I'm at home... just when I'm leaving. Go figure. It must be separation anxiety from my sewing room!

Shown above are just a few projects that are underway. There's a project from the book Quilted Symphony, a fabric art notebook cover, the Whirligig quilt, and a redwork holiday quilt.

My second issue is coming up with a handwork project to take with me, just so I'll feel the satisfaction of moving something along toward completion. I have one of those nifty Clover Thread Cutter Pendants that are so handy for air travel. However, I am a great under-estimator when it comes to deciding what I might actually work on away from home. But this redwork project looks like it fills the bill. It's a pattern by Crab-Apple Hill. This is one of three panels to embroider and incorporate into a quilt. This first panel is close to done. Just these branches and trees left to go. I think I can get this last bit done this week. Yes, I'm sure of it. I'll let you know.

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