Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heartfelt Patriotic Challenge Quilts...

Our local quilt guild recently held the reveal of a quilt challenge with the theme "Patriotic Quilts". This Log Cabin Star was made by Linda R. While I did not participate in this challenge, I was very moved by how personal and heartfelt the entries were. I'd like to share some of them here. Each of the quilts was unique, and each reflected the quiltmaker and those she holds dear.

Ann-Marie made "The Greatest Generation" quilt shown below. She included photo transfers of family who had served in WWII along with photo transfers depticting posters and significant events of the era. Even the back of her quilt was thoughtfully completed. It was made from sheet music fabric on which she had machine embroidered the titles of popular songs from the '40s. There was so much detail to look at.

And Freda, who was a career Navy nurse, made a quilt that was a tribute to those in her family who had served in the military. That included her husband, her father who never returned from being imprisoned in the war, and her step-father. Dot R. also made a tribute to the men in her family who were or are in the military. Her quilt included photos and memorabilia, and is shown below left.

Quilt guilds are so inspiring!

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