Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dressing up the Humble Tin...

You might think people purchase Altoids because they like their strong minty taste. But some of us purchase them to obtain the tin, and the mints are just a bonus. Why? Because we want to alter the tins into tiny works of art, of course. That's what happened in a recent swap among members of the mmartfriends on Yahoo. We designed and altered a tin, filled it with little treasures our partner might enjoy and use in her own projects, and sent the tin off to its new home. Mine went to Marrianna in Flagstaff.

I painted the outside with acrylic paint to which I added gold webbing. The tin is topped with hand-painted paper and an ArtChix Studio collage image. It's edge-trimmed with yarn. Inside is some of the scrapbook paper from the Scrap Paper Pack Challenge and an image from Elizabeth at The Last Door Down the Hall blog.

And Kristi in Michigan sent me this one. She really loaded it with little goodies, too. I especially love the bird on the front and her handmade paper beads. So colorful and happy.

This swap was my first attempt at the altered tin, but won't be the last!


Kristi said...

Nancy, I love what you did to the tin that you altered. The design transitioning to the inside was extra clever! I think Marianna will be delighted to receive this tin! What is the gold webbing, this is something I am unfamilar with this product? And the imagery from Elizabeth is fabulous. I hope this isn't your last altered are on to something!

Jan said...

The one you made is really wonderful, as is the one you received. It was a fun swap!

sonja said...

Nancy,that swap was fun! i did it too. my DH gives me the tins when his are empty. forgot to post mine. and yes, one is not never enough!