Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, la-di-da!

What does la-di-da mean anyway? I had a sense of the meaning, but wanted to look up the dictionary definition for it. That's because I was a guest at the recent La-Ti-Da Luncheon held by the Quilting Sisters of Leesburg, FL. It turns out that the term (with its slightly different spelling) means "affectedly genteel". So we all polished up our gentility and enjoyed the event greatly. Right down to the edible orchid on our salad plates! This one didn't get consumed, and it's still vibrant one week later.

This active group of quilters holds the luncheon each year as its major fundraiser. They're a busy group, and members and their guests are treated to a silent auction, a well-stocked boutique, door prizes, fashion show, and more. This year's challenge was Sun Bonnet Sue Through the Ages. We were each given a cute Sunbonnet pin like this one, made by the members, along with our machine-stitched programs. How about that for effort? Adding to the excitement of the day was the drawing for their spectacular raffle quilt. Chances had been sold since last year's event, and the quilt was a major prizewinner at several major quilt shows. Proceeds benefitted a local charity.

The fashion show prompted its own buzz as 15 guild members modeled garments made in response to a Florida lifestyle theme. My friend Claudia, a professional long arm quilter by trade, made her winter jacket vest using light-color velour which showed off the quilting motifs nicely. It's lined with a cozy sweater knit. Our Citra Crafty Quilters group, of which Claudia is also a member, convinced her the outfit needed a matching hat, just to top things off, so to speak. Rising to the challenge, Claudia created this cloche hat and accented it with the dimensional flower. I thought it was just the right touch...she wore it well!

Other entrants modeled jackets that sported applique motifs representing palm trees, flamingos, geckos, and even the Jupiter Lighthouse. There were aprons, hand bags, quilted sweatshirts, and skirts. It was quite inspiring. I've ordered a new apron pattern.

Plans are already underway for next year's La-Ti-Da Luncheon and Fashion Show. And the new raffle quilt... a foundation pieced star sampler... has been unveiled.

Years ago, my small New York hometown newspaper always ended articles in the same way when reporting social "goings on". I'll echo those words today by saying, as the paper did back then, "A Fine time was had by all."


sonja said...

Nancy, i love that palm tree jacket back, allot!!
sounds like you had a good time at la ti DA luncheon. quilters are a fun bunch of folks to be around!oh, i grow those dendrobiums, purple is my fave

Nancy said...

Yes, Sonja, that jacket had crystals and wonderful quilting, along with other nature reprentations on it (eg. a gecko on the sleeve). It was lovely. Do you use the flowers as edible additions to salads? Many were surprised that they were edible.