Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, You Beautiful Dolls!

While attending the Honeybee Quilters Retreat in Jacksonville, FL, this week, I reconnected with Alice...a new friend from last year's retreat. I had learned that Alice is a doll maker, so this year I asked her to bring some of her dolls. I especially wanted my friend Joanne, who is also a doll maker, and attending this year from Pennsylvania, to see them. Imagine our delight when we were greeted with this bevy of lovelies when we walked into the hospitality room! Alice is so talented and imaginative, and these are just a few of her creations. The detail is amazing, right down to tiny fingers, and lacey hosiery. One had her own miniature rocking chair, another was daintily perched atop a wooden candle stick. The stork is wearing a bikini and a feather boa, and sports sunglasses.

In last year's class, Alice and I, along with our classmates, learned to "make faces" with quilt artist Yvonne Porcella. Alice went on to make several of the whimsical faces, and had them matted.

My class project, below, is named "Vege-mina" and is created largely from vegetable motifs cut from assorted fabrics. Eventually it will be made into a sewing machine dust cover. It's almost time that Vege-mina meets Bernina!

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Skooks said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :)

Now that I have THAT out of the way . . . can I just say WOW! You're soon to be machine cover is a piece of ART. My machine is now drowning in a deep pool of envy over this lovely. I absolutely love it. Would that I were that creative with fabric! Seriously, this is amazing.

And please, do come and visit me again sometime. :)