Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric Paper Trades

As our Stitch Alchemy book study group winds down, a number of the swaps have been completed. This means colorful, exciting mail. Here's what I've recieved in just the past couple of days.

First, there are these strands of Good Fortune Birds. Each participant made three strands of five birds each, sent them to our hostess with a return mailer, and got back three strands made by other group members.

Mine were made by Peggy Wilkinson, from Illinois; Denise Funfsinn, also from Illinois; and Catherine van der Hoeff, from Holland. The birds have glitter, glitz, stitching, stamping, and more surface decoration. They were fun to make, and even more fun to recieve!

Then, Claudia Vedder, of Hamburg, Germany, was my swap partner for the Love Doll trade. Here is the doll I recieved from Claudia. In the package, she also sent some pages from a German book, shown behind the doll, so I can make more fabric paper using it. There is a lot to look at on the doll. She is thoroughly embellished with buttons, charms, sequins, beads, coins, my initial, embroidery, a felt heart, and even a tiny tear drop. I'm sure it's a tear of joy!

Thanks to all who took part in these exchanges. I learned a lot and I'm so very pleased with the results.

And, PS, my swap partner Claudia, has a blog you might be interested in. She has wide-ranging interest and ability in mixed media.


msscrooby said...

Wonderful birds, can't wait to see mine. Thanks for sharing. Your beautiful doll is treasured Nancy. I enjoyed being your swap partner.

Nancy said...

Likewise, Claudia. I'm anxious to see all the swap birds the others have received!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Oh my goodness those birds are too cool! This could be done for so many things....LOVE your blog and so glad you are so good with color. It makes me happy just looking around there Nancy

Nancy said...

Thanks so much, Mary Lou. And this coming from The Queen of Color! The bird swap was such fun... the whole fabric paper method was totally new for me. Can hardly stop making more.