Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boot Skirtin' Boogie!

Meet these cute little models Taylor (right) and Delaney (below).

Their mom, Jenny Lekschas Baker, and Grandmother Judy Lekschas, spent a fun afternoon with them, styling a fashion shoot. They're wearing the Boot Skirtin' Boogie outfit I made for the LilBlueBoo/Dharma Trading Design Challenge, sponsored by Dharma Trading. Happily the skirt and top fit both of the girls.

I was curious about the popularity of home sewing and quilting, wondering about the continuing level of interest in them. So I went on an internet search to find out. What I discovered was a wonderful array of blogs and websites dedicated to sewing, crafting, quilting, and even tutorials for various creative projects.

I am delighted by all that is happening in these fields, and am particularly impressed by Ashley Hackshaw of LilBlueBoo. In addition to her art work, she designs a line of patterns for children's clothing based on using "upcycled" t-shirts and knits. I purchased two of her patterns and set about making an outfit for the challenge. Rummaging through my t-shirts yielded the green tie-dye look one, along with a plain-vanilla one. That was all I needed to give this challenge a try.

Boot Skirtin' Boogie combines two of Ashley's patterns. The top is made using an adapted shorter version of the Recycled T-Shirt Halter or Tie Back Dress. The challenge requires at least one added element such as fabric paint, applique, or embellishment. Since the girls live on a farm with lots of horses (Mom Jenny is an outstanding trainer), I machine appliqued the cowgirl boot with a little star for a spur. Jenny really liked the design of the halter top for two reasons. First, it's adjustable to fit both girls and grow with them. And second, the design is such that there is no gapping at the neckline or underarm area. She usually avoids kids' clothing with halter tops for this reason, so was very happy with this design.

The skirt was made using the Recycled T-Shirt Ruffle Skirt/Skort pattern and has an elastic waist. Both patterns were comprehensive, offered multiple sizes, and had plenty of diagrams and photos. They also include extras like other design options, and instructions for adding stenciled images.

Both pieces were quick and easy to make. Then there was the fun of combining colors and graphics. Plus the good feeling of turning recycled and inexpensive materials into something stylish, useful, and new...I'll be on the hunt for more t-shirts to make additional outfits.

Good job girls! Taylor and Delaney make this little outfit look great. I think I feel just a hint of the excitement the contestants on Project Runway must feel watching their models show off the garments they've made!


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Saw your entry at Cloth Paper Scissors so came by to check out your blog. Very cute outfit! I'm loving that top and skirt! I'm into cowboy boots right now. We're having a cowgirl Christmas tree this year...the topper, my 3 year olds' cowgirl hats. Both hats were just laying there, next to the what the heck? A theme was created.