Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sew Charming Again...

I'm so enamored with these charm necklaces that I signed up to take the Sew Charming class with Goatfeathers Studio for a second time. We made some new-to-me charms in this class. And I've got another sewing "statement necklace" to show for it. Such fun. 

One of the participants brought some beads from her mother's collection and shared them with all of us. I made the bead dangle next to the thimble using  the ones I chose. And the "mirror ball" bead I made with metal charms and findings along with a felted ball and shisha mirror purchased from Etsy several years ago. The glitzy rose is a found item that fell off a zipper pull on a jacket. Too pretty to toss. That's one thing I love about these necklaces- we can just look around the sewing room and spy objects that will make wonderful charms.

I added the "Bodacious Button" charm when I found it and the little sewing machine charm also hanging around the sewing room without a job to do. The small prayer flag charm was one of the new offerings in the workshop. It's made with a safety pin, a fabric scrap, and an embellishment selected from the class treasure chest- the flying angel cat!

Classmate and creative friend Ellen Casile Kostewicz of Eck Design took photos that really captured the day, and she gave me permission to use them here. So the rest of the pics in this post are hers. I get too excited in a class and forget to take photos! Upon our arrival, the classroom was all set up with work stations for each of us. The home/studio setting is so inviting and spacious.

I always appreciate seeing lots of samples for inspiration, and instructors Celeste Beck and Merri McKenzie have been making these necklaces at an impressive rate! Every one is unique and lovely. This display just got the creative juices flowing.

One thing they do that makes the day extra special is to provide us with lunch and a grand dessert. Celeste sets a beautiful table and her home always reflects the season with colorful and hand-crafted accents.

Actually, she sets two tables for our fairly large group. Chicken on a bed of greens with strawberries and goat cheese for lunch, and delicious homemade bread pudding for dessert.

This photo shows Ellen's array of charms made in the class. We made more than a dozen to add to our necklaces. It's impossible to choose a favorite, but the little bird's nest shown in the second row, third from right, may be mine. They are such fun to make and, depending on the beads used for the eggs, they all look so different.

I hope you enjoyed this class tour. And I'll be busy in the sewing room making more... and more.. and more of these.


Robbie said...

I keep going back to look at all the different charms on your necklace! What a wonderful necklace to have!!! And so all the charms...looks like the lunch was as good as the class!!! Lucky you!

sonja said...

lovely and delicious! sew many charms that tell stories! No wonder you go back for more and is it not wondermous to find a place for that special charm that you have kept all this time! AND how gracious to have a fine lunch also!

Lynette (NZ) said...

So cool when you find a delicious project to love and it keeps inspiring you :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This latest necklace is lovely. I think yours is as nice as the samples. Your lunch looks wonderful. I'm impressed with the way the entire workshop was carried out. That is great, and I bet you had a good time, too.

Jan said...

More cool necklace works from you! These are so fun and eye catching.