Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Here’s to a Smashing Good Year!


Did you keep a scrapbook or diary when you were growing up? I used to love to collect ticket stubs, images, and various sorts of paper items, and tape them into a leather-cover scrapbook from “the dime store”, as we used to call it. Well apparently, I still do! Recently I learned about the concept of a “smash book” in which paper lovers do just as I used to. The big difference is in the kinds of materials available today which add a lot more interest to the collecting and the “smashing.” I’ll give you a little tour of my 2014 Smash Book now that it’s time to start one for the New Year.


I tend to accumulate small bits of paper that I just love too much to part with. Things like attractive business cards, inspiring images… just bits and pieces, really. But the question remains, what to do with them? The smash book is the perfect solution. Instead of piling up in drawers, or being tucked out of sight in small baskets and boxes, they can all reside together in a meaningful and personal journal. I made mine using black cardstock cut to size, punched with holes, and bound with ring binders. So simple, and I can add pages as needed. Even the cover came from recycled mail art here, and created by Jan of Laughing Dog Arts.


Here are a few things that just can’t get thrown out partly because of the memories and partly because they are just pretty or intriguing. That toothbrush is actually a coupon to purchase an electronic device. It’s not that I have fond memories of my trip to the dentist, but that coupon caught my eye and came home with me. I already have a suitable toothbrush, so it came just because the image had such appeal. It’s hard to explain why I had to have it, so I don’t. Instead, I just “smash” it into my book and enjoy thumbing through from time to time.


Our guild newsletter had a photo and little article about me in it- into the smash book it went.


The book is a home for special greeting cards…


And colorful images… that chicken in the page below is from an original painting by Sonja Hagemann. I won some of her lovely hand-dyed fabric and the image was in the package.



Odd things find their way into the book, too. That’s a bread wrapper tab at lower right serving as a page marker.


Photos of a wonderful cruise to The Bahamas and memories of the quilt show held at a church in Nassau. The “keep calm” flyer was on my car windshield one day and seems to fit with this selection of photos. Some of the photos below were from art exhibits, but the photo of the cross is one we took in Yarnell, Arizona before the tragic fire that took the lives of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighters there. The cross was located at the top of a very steep climb through boulders at the Shrine of St. Joseph there, and I it did not survive the fire. Seeing the image bring sadness, but helps to remember and honor the 19.


I won’t make you look at all the pages, but you get the idea. Images worth saving go into the smash book, and become a keepsake. it’s been an enjoyable project, and I thought I’d share it here.

Happy New Year, and many blessings for 2015! As always, many thanks for visiting my blog.



Jan said...

I saw that first photo and thought, "that looks very familiar". Glad to see you found such a great use for it, I'm honored. You inspire me to do more with the one you sent me than just having it propped up on my table where the little doggie gazes at me daily.
Love your smash journal, much nicer than the purchased ones that people use although they are good too and in fact someone gave me one, I use it but yeah, I should put your mail art on the cover of it! See, you have inspired me!
Happy new year to you, hope all your days will be filled with good things and wonderful art making.

sonja said...

Aloha Nancy, wishing you a joyful 2015! looks like that chicken not only crossed the ocean but a continent as well! I am always happy to share the love of fabric,color,papier to treasure and words as a measure of the moment to communicate and celebrate. love your smash journal and Jans cover- HI Jan! i hauled out of the trash a partially filled out daily planner discarded by DH, am painting the pages random color backgrounds and letting them dry between paint sessions that also turn a few flimsy pages into one substantial page.how i will fill it is ahead. i always enjoy your projects and postings
be well, see well, Sonja

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fun book you have created in 2014. I make these types of books, but I sew the elements together. They have no special attachment for me. Maybe someday I'll even make one for me. So, I can truly relate to the toothbrush you added to your smash book.

I'm so glad I got to meet you this year through our mutual blogs. It's been fun to see your love of both fabric and paper, and how they mesh so well together. Have a great New Year, make it fun, safe, and joyous. And here's to many, many more.

Robbie said...

OK, this is another great project from you!!! These are great!!!! What a clever idea...I'm always saving stubs from places grand kids and I go to during the summer!!!
Happy New Year!!!! Look forward to meeting up again this winter.

Belinda said...

This is such a neat idea Nancy! I had never thought of it before but I'm a little like you…keeping things like you mentioned. LOL, I thought there was something wrong with me! Now I know I'm NOT ALONE!!

I'll have to think on this some more…..yes, I will...

Barb said...

what a great memory book! I love that have all sorts of different things in it!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how fun! Your is much more interesting than mine. Whenever I clean off my desk lots of "stuff" goes into mine. I need to put some more interesting stuff in it and finish it up so I can start a new one!