Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scenic Watercolors on Fabrics... a Class Act

Teacher Debra Johnston brought these class samples to inspire the 12 students in the recent One-Day Getaway: Watercolor on Fabric event. We gathered at The Crystal Ice House in Trenton, FL. It includes a classroom and is part of a complex known as The Suwannee Shops.

We began with color photos, post cards, or other scenic images. Snapshots of former homes that held fond memories were a popular subject. Students transferred elements of the images to paper and then to fabric. And, oh yes, that's a menu Betty is holding, below. We also began by placing our lunch orders!

Debra provided watercolor crayons, pencils, and markers and explained the different effects each would give to the work. Students then experimented on extra squares of muslin before beginning their masterpieces. They took to it quickly and their work was varied and lovely! Just take a look.

Our only problem was one student who lacked confidence and kept disappearing from the class. I found her hiding out in the ladies room, and finally got her to rejoin the group.

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