Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fabric Jewelry?!?

Yes, indeed. While browsing the shelves at the local library, I came across this book- "Fabric Jewelry" by Teresa Searle (2007, St. Martin's Griffin, NY). What an intriguing concept! So I signed the book out, and found it's packed with more than 20 projects for making creative jewelry pieces from fabric. What fun.

I'm unsure as yet which of the jewelry pieces I'll make, but I had to at least try making a couple of the elements. The author's one-of-a-kind Filigree necklace is made using fabric flower motifs and machine embroidery sewn on dissolving film. When the film is washed away, the flowers and some lacey looking threads remain. My first two efforts are shown here. One has too little stitching, and the other has too much. I'm confident that next time I'll get it "just right." Also discovered that using variegated thread created a milky look that I would avoid next time.

Other simple elements are the twisted lengths of fabric that make up the Corded Necklace. I had some narrow (1"-wide) strips leftover from making the fabric-covered rope baskets. Twisting a strip while sewing with a zig-zag stitch results in a thin cord. Several together can be used in a bracelet, or other embellishment. I'm not sure what the ones above will become, but I like the raggedy look and the texture of the threads.

In a bit of serendipity, I picked up a copy of Country Living magazine, Feb. 2010 issue, from the "pass-it-on pile" at our sewing group. Look what I came across in the Fresh Picks column! Pretty fabric necklaces available from several designers. Timely!


Jan said...

This ought to set your mind reeling with the possibilities! Looks like a neat book, I hope you will share anything that you make from the ideas you garner from it.

belinda said...

Hi Nancy.....looks like a great book....and ohhhh.....great Country Living ideas too!!
I wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog and for encouraging me with my little house quilt!! Everyone was soooo helpful.....but...LOL...I'm still sitting here this morning mulling it over!!!!