Sunday, June 9, 2019

Button Busting Fun...

Here's my latest (and current favorite) necklace made in a class I took with Goatfeathers Studio. It combines pretty buttons, beads, and charms. The ribbon closure makes it a little more comfortable on the neck, because these pieces are on the heavier side as you can imagine.

As if there are not already enough buttons in my sewing room, we had the opportunity to belly up to the button bar and choose a colorway we wanted to work with. Doesn't this look like the proverbial "candy shop"? We students were as gleeful as if it was candy!

With selections made, we got to work (if you can call this kind of play work!) making an assortment of stacked button charms in various lengths.

Barely controlled chaos reigned for the next couple of hours as you can see from our work table.

Our instructors provided plenty of guidance and lots of examples of the charm possibilities.

And here's a sneak peek of my next favorite necklace! I love the golden butterscotch look of this one. And I found some Tiger's Eye style beads to include with it. It's hard to stop making these. I can't stay out of the bead aisle at the local craft shops. And my button jar will never be the same!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OMGosh. I'm in LOVE. Pure LOVE. Candy is right. I must dig out my buttons and beads and go to town, too. I am really, really inspired. Now to "steal" or emulate your idea, dear Nancy. Yes, I'm inspired and plan to make a few of these button and bead crafts.

creativelenna said...

That looks great, Nancy and I think you enjoyed!!

The Inside Stori said...

What a great necklace….and what a great concept…..I’m guess you won’t be able to resist making more….

Robbie said...

Wow...this turned out so cool!!! Can't wait to see the butterscotch one you are working on next!!! I'd wear these in a heartbeat! You're always doing something new! Good for you!!!