Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's Paper Week...

It's become necessary to declare "paper week", or "quilt week", or "mixed media week" in the sewing room. That's because every interest requires its own set of supplies and it would not be good to have paints out when I'm quilting (unless, of course, it's an art quilt in process!). To say nothing of the myriad bits and pieces of paper, fabric, and trims that threaten to overtake the space nearly every day. I signed up for Toni Burt's online class called Wrapped in Vintage. The project I chose to work on is a mix of paper, sketch, stencils, and paint on a fabric journal cover. So the paper scraps flew as I put together this collage cover with a pretty girl on it.

This is the back cover. One nice feature of Toni's method is that she seals the covers with Dorland Wax Medium which gives the piece a lovely leather-like finish. You almost can't stop picking the journal up just for the feel. She provides thorough instructions in her class videos.

Remember this pair of fabric journals made in a fold-up pocket style and designed to hold (and tame) loose pages and bits not to be bound into a book? I showed them here earlier this year. The Fiber group invited me to do a demo on how to made them. Later, a few of the members brought their pocket memory journals to a show-and-tell.

Merri McKenzie, one of the members, made her lively version shown here. I love her colors and the use of rick rack.

This is the reverse side. Lots of pockets to serve as a repository for more art work. Her imaginative and colorful approach made for a fun journal.

Here's the cover when the journal is all folded closed. I love her style.

And for yet another pocket, I found a free tutorial on Roben-Marie Smith's blog for making this paper mixed-media art pocket. It began as a brown paper bag that got painted,stamped, stitched, glued, and layered. I decided to use it as a gift holder for a friend's birthday. I'm also taking another of Roben-Marie's online classes for making a pop-up fringe journal that starts with a file folder. Next week, it's back to "quilt week" as I have some challenge quilt projects to get underway. My sewing/craft room is most definitely my happy place!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You sound like me. For the past two weeks, it's been paper week at my place, so I can assure you I understand your dilemma. Next week I hope to either do some mixed media or sewing. I've missed the sewing part of my craft room.

I LOVE the paper and fabric journal cover. It certainly looks vintage.

I also am in awe of the pocket journals your friends made. You are a good teacher, and can be proud of yourself. Maybe I should make one of those pocket books. OOPS, that would entail actual measuring and cutting. Guess I'll just admire yours and your friends' books.

The other pocket, made from a paper bag, sounds more my style. I can cut paper. Of course, mine won't look as good as yours.

Createology said...

I completely understand the need for separate media weeks/stations. It is extra fun when you are prolific in several mediums however they do not play so well together all the time. Now I have a totally clean studio with everything packed away for house showings...hopefully. I must feed my creative soul with my blogger friends who are uber creative. THANK YOU. Creative Bliss...<3