Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pockets Full of Memories...

It hasn't escaped my notice that many blogs and websites are full of storage tips and ideas at this time of year. I'm especially sensitive to the topic when I look around my sewing and craft room and notice the myriad little things I can't bear to part with. They do pile up, but there is no doubt in my mind that they are staying right here. So here's my solution to round them up and give them a safe place to be- residing together in Pocket Memory Journals! I've made two so far, and I'm pretty sure I'll need at least one more. The journals are fun to make and they, too, use up small bits of pieces of fabric, trim, charms, and more. The journal cover at the left, above, has an artist trading card sent to me from Robbie at Robbie's Paw Prints blog. The journal is made from decorator fabric. The one on the right is denim and lace.

These are the pretty bits I'm talking about. There are small pieces of art, pretty hang-tags, artist trading cards, colorful promotional materials. Just looking at them is inspiring to me.

There are projects made in online classes while trying new-to-me methods and materials. All of the flowers above were made as part of Joanne Sharpe's Bloomin' Doodles class in 2016.

My journals are four-fold fabric ones made with wide spines to accommodate all of the loose pages and photos that get stored in the pockets. I inserted narrow strips of watercolor paper in the spines to give some body to the journal.

Anything goes while sewing the journals, and they nearly invented themselves once I got creating. They'll hold a lot of items since they have seven roomy pockets- four inside, and three outside. Only the cover is without one.

It's challenging to get a photo of the entire journal unfolded, so this will have to do to give you the idea of how it opens out from the center. I'm toying with the idea of adding some bound in pages to the spine as perhaps an index of the pocket contents. I'm so happy with these journals and especially with having a safe place to store these small items together. Looking through one of the journals is like looking through a family photo album. It's satisfying and prompts such happy memories.

Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to all!


sonja said...

Happy creative new year to you! love your journals. i also like working in a series as in one journal is fun, 3 are better and now i can share while using up those bits of treasure on hand.
"Anything goes while sewing the journals, and they nearly invented themselves once I got creating!"
that rings true for me! Be well, sonja

Robbie said...

These little memory journals are wonderful!!! OMG...very clever to have all these special smaller items in one place!!! I forgot about my ATC! Mine are hidden in a book (using plastic trading card holders). I may have to ck this memory journal idea out!!!!
Happy New Year!!!! Looks like you're on the right track to have 2017 be even more productive than last year! HA

Createology said...

Nancy I adore your pocket journals for holding lots of artsy treasures. Looking through them will be very memorable and inspirational. May you have a Wonderful 2017 filled with all you love and beyond. XO

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is an incredibly useful idea. I have two 3-ring binders that hold ATCs, but I have nothing that holds tags. I am super impressed and love the various fabrics you have chosen to make these. A simply perfect way to welcome in 2017!