Sunday, January 22, 2017

Isn't She Lovely?

Sort of? She started life as one of four designs on a fabric panel by Alexander Henry Fabrics called "The Ghastlies." You can see her friends below. They just made me chuckle and reminded me a bit of the Addams Family. Do you remember them? "They're creepy and they're kooky; mysterious and spooky; They're all together ooky, The Addams Family." That was their theme song. I dressed her up a bit by using fabric markers, colored pencils, glitter glue, silk flowers, glitzy trims and beads. Then she was stitched and stuffed with fiber-fill up top and white rice on the bottom to allow her to stand upright without toppling over. She's a tall, willowy beauty. She was such a fun project, that our Fiber Art Bee is going to do a challenge based on the Ghastlies. Members will each get one of the characters and then use it in an embellished project- a doll, pillow, wallhanging- whatever they want. It should be fun to see what creative ideas flow and to see them all together! But I think this girl needs a name now that she is done. Any suggestions?

Here's what the panel looks like. And now that she's had her makeover, you can get a glimpse of the "before" photo.

Here are the other two figures included in one panel- a pouty, angry woman, and a family with questionable parenting skills. They just make me laugh. This is not a new fabric line, but one released in about 2011 or so. There are some other coordinating prints that go with.

I thought I'd also show you this. I have a number of mixed media projects that hang. So many that I was running out of door knobs to hang them on. So I spotted some small, clear Command hooks in the office supply aisle. It occurred to me that they would work way better than cup hooks or anything more permanent to suspend the pieces from  the ceiling. These now occupy one happy corner of the sewing room- a small forest of birds, hearts, and snippet rolls. I'm sure I'll add more.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your Ghastly has turned out beautifully. I agree that the rest look a bit like the Addams Family. I like that your Ghastly girl has rice at the bottom so she can stand. That is clever and something I would not have considered. You manage to find the best fabric, even if it is not new. It's certainly charming and I love the parents and their children.

I also like those birds. They are awesome. I am truly impressed by how you hung everything. You come up with the most clever ideas.

Robbie said...

Yes, she is lovely in a weird kind of way! cute and what a clever idea your group is making use of this fabric!
And how clever of you hanging method! Great idea! Who would have thought of handing on the perfect!!

Createology said...

Love the Ghastlies and have a bit of the fabric but not this fun panel. Your lady is lovely with her embellishments. Very smart way to display your hanging treasures.

sonja said...

Nancy, I love the corner hanging space especially the string of birds. I will check Loews or local Ace hardware for those hooks as i am short of walls, door knobs due to lottsa stuff and many windows! the Ghastly are a HooT!