Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's a FAB Thing...

Isn’t this cat quite the party girl? She is one of the prayer flags I received in a swap at our holiday meeting of the Fiber Art Bee (FAB). We each made several flags, and then traded at our event. I just love the saucy personality and snappy outfit she’s wearing.

It’s fascinating how every quilter came up with such different ideas. This “Grow” flag is made with gold lame (and I can’t put in the accent mark) and gold cord for the roots.

This one has delicate coloring and dimensional flowers with tiny beaded centers. The detail is so pretty, and the message is right on target.

The peach color and song bird make this flag a cheerful one! Somehow I neglected to take photos of the flags I made, and now they are gone to new homes. Oh, well. Not only did we have the prayer flag swap, but we also displayed our “selfie” journal quilts. This is me, with some creative license thrown in.  And a bunch of techniques thrown in as well. Looking rather peachy, too.

I used three large flowers I’d hand drawn on painted fabric, along with an embroidered and fusible appliqued face. The background is stamped, and the whole thing is machine quilted and edged with my favorite fabric twine edging. It was both fun, and a challenge to complete.

Always intrigued by something new, I saw some examples of photos turned watercolor images on Cheryl Lynch’s blog. She noted the phone app which is Waterlogue. I got it and then spent a fun hour or so giving some pics a new look. Doesn’t Lily look lovely in a portrait? And my desk looks positively artisitic instead of just messy- which of course it was.

And below is downtown Ocala, FL, lit up for Christmas. This is a fun app that costs a few dollars, but will provide lots of entertainment and some lovely notecards or other prints eventually.


sonja said...

that is a fantastic painterly Lily shot. gives me ideas other work such as greeting cards
I loved the prayer flags you got too. they are fun to make and exchange!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW, those prayer flags are to die for. I simply adore all of them, but Bleubeard likes the party girl.

Your selfie quilt is unbelievable. Stunning and well embroidered and appliqued.

Lily certainly looks lovely, too! Some wonderful sewn art and lovely app work.

Robbie said...

First, the flags are great!!! What a fun idea for an exchange!! The app, Waterlogue, is really clever!!! Love the pic of downtown Ocala with the lights! You know all the years (11) we have NEVER seen the downtown lights! We have visited the house that has all the lights on it..but not downtown..maybe this year! HA

The Artful Diva said...

how fun - thanks for sharing!

http://www.stilusessaywriting.com/ said...

That cat is so cool. I like his colors and patterns. He looks like a cat from a circus.