Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Could Write a Book…


Or maybe I’ll just make one. This fun journal is the result of taking Carolyn Dube’s free online class titled “Permission to Play.” It’s full of mixed media techniques and layers of paint, stamps, stencils and more.


The journal begins with ripping up and sizing pieces from a cardboard box that would otherwise go in the trash. So with material that is free and expendable, it’s easy to just experiment with art supplies and media in a no-holds barred approach. A peek through the layers in the pages above reveal some collage, stamping, stenciling, and paint applications with things like a hotel card key or the eraser end of the pencil. Very freeing.




Carolyn provided a series of lessons, unlocked one at a time, in which she demonstrated working with the various layers. She also offered several free printable “Sparks of Artspiration” which are color images of her own collage and mixed media work. We students were free to use them throughout our journals as well. You can see some of them in the pages above in the colorful stripes and shapes.

She encourages students to just keep going, even if the results are unexpected or unintended. Additions and corrections can be just a creative idea away. One thing I really enjoyed was the concept that the journal did not have to be “finished” before binding. More can be done to the pages as we fill the journals. The round white moon shape in the photo at right is a case in point. I love the vintage car image, and the little orange circles. And have no idea what’s to go in the moon shape. No problem. The book got bound anyway, and the solution will reveal itself in time.

The books are sturdy, stand up on their own, and are just fun to look at and admire. And students can admire each other's journals in a private Facebook page. I’m sure I’ll make another. After all, the next journal is just a pile of scrap cardboard away from happening!


I also want to share this wonderful collection of hand-printed fabric squares. They were the prize in Deborah Boschert’s drawing a few months ago at The Printed Fabric Bee, and I was the lucky winner. Created around the theme of architecture, the following textile artists each provided one of their designs, in addition to Deborah: Jane Davila, Susan Purney Mark, Lisa Chin, Julie B Booth, Gerrie Congdon, Lynda Heines, Carol Eaton, and Jacqueline Lams. Inspiring to be sure. I’m not yet sure where they’ll be used, but there’s a home in one of my projects for them. One is already in a prayer flag. Between fabric, quilts, and paper, I never run out of fun things to do!


Createology said...

Nancy your journal really looks like you played perfectly in artistic abandon. These can be very addicting. Love your fabric winnings. What a wonderful addition to your Creative Muse and Works of HeArt.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I signed up for that class, but never received any lessons. I confirmed the code and everything that was sent me, but am still waiting for my first one. Looks like you are having fun, though. I don't get much cardboard at my house, so I would have to raid my friend Sally's recycle bin. But, I love my used file folders I turn into book pages. I guess it's all what we have, isn't it. As long as it stays out of the trash. I like how you have taken on the concept and run with it, too.

You win MORE goodies than anyone I know. Good for you, dear. I know you will put it to good use, and I hope to see the prayer flag, too!

Marian Brown said...

Hi Nancy, I took Carolyn's course as well, loved it very freeing. I must admit the journals are a fantastic way to use up trash and loosen up. Love your pages. Lucky you winning the fabric it looks gorgeous. Any ideas what you are going to do with it.

Robbie said...

These are wonderful!!! Just wonderful! Love the cover shot in the 1st of great as well! You are just getting so creative with this book making...and yes, you should write a book...start filling in your journals!!!

Nancy said...

Love that journal....You did a great job and I know you had so much fun playing with your paints and stencils....I love that kind of project. The fabric squares are beautiful too...I can't wait to see what you do with them....

kathy york said...

nice pages! I like all the play you have created here!