Friday, August 7, 2015

How Sweet it is…


The challenge was out to make a cupcake-themed fiber project in honor of Quilter's of Alachua County Day Guild’s anniversary. The intent was to make a small pincushion or hot pad for a swap. However, with a tendency toward overkill, I answered the challenge by making two small pin cushions, and then kept going with this small journal quilt. When it comes to a journal quilt (those that measure about the size of a sheet of paper at 8 1/2” x 11”), I don’t hold back and pretty much throw everything at it. So in this little sweetie I used selvages, thread sketching, recycled lace for the frosting, beads for the sprinkles, and a felt ball for the cherry on top. And the edging is some of the fabric twine I showed here. My daughter claimed this project for her home, so it went to guild as a show-and-tell, while the pincushions went into the swap. I forgot to photograph them and they’re gone now.


I even like how the thread sketching looks on the back of the quilt. I always stop to admire quilt backs and the look the stitching gives to them. Oops- I see I missed a couple of threads. Will have to get after them.


Names were drawn, and I won this cupcake hot pad made by another guild member. I love the fabric print, and the candle on top is a loop for hanging. Very cute. It’s been awhile since I posted because we took what’s become pretty much an annual trip to Maine for a week. We're of the mind that we need to travel while we still can! The weather was beautiful for the most part. The one rainy day is the one we spent inside at the “Maine Quilts” show in Augusta. Very inspiring to say the least! Here’s a little photo tour of our trip.


The peaceful shore.


Red sails in the sunset near Kennebunkport.


Perkins Cove in the early morning.


Our home-away-from-home. This cozy cottage was right on the edge of a sea marsh. Very quiet and peaceful there, with all the conveniences of home.


The breathtaking views from The Marginal Way- a mile or so walk along the heights in Ogunquit.


Shopping in Kennebunkport. I was drawn to the vintage bathing beauties in this lovely display.


And the Blue Moon over the ocean at Goose Rocks Beach where we stayed. How refreshing is time by the ocean? So beautiful.


Nancy said...

I can see why your daughter wanted the cupcake mini. It's not only cute as pie but wow all the creative ideas you used in making it....I was intrigued by the fabric twin. What a great way to use leftovers...These days my grand daughter has so many things she wants me to monogram that I don't have any time to do sew anything else. But that's OK, I love making her happy..

Createology said...

I have never been to Maine yet it looks like a wonderful place to unwind each and every year. Very cute cupcake themed projects. Your use of selvages is very clever. Summer Smiles...

sonja said...

Cupcakes and blue moon sets and red sails, oh my!you rang my bells.
looks like a wonderful vacation for you guys!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the lovely vacation photos, but that art quilt was to die for. I can see why your daughter had to have it. I love the selvedges you used. My kind of art.

I try to NEVER show my sewing on the reverse side of a quilt. I know lots of quilters do it, in fact probably most. But I prefer a smooth backing, especially since I'm not quilting mine.

Love this quilt, though. It is even better because there are no calories involved.

The Inside Stori said...

I'm so late in catching up on my blog glad I finally did.... Loved the cupcake theme, esp. your charming piece incorporating so many clever embellishments. The Maine photos are stunning. I'd forgotten all about Maine Quilts......a really nice event of which I had the pleasure of teaching at several times.....