Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Paper and Leather and Fiber… and More!


Piecing and sewing large quilts is a long-term effort for me. So there are many times when a small project in another medium that I can make quickly piques my interest. Such was the case with this decoupage initial members made at a recent quilt guild meeting. Of course we kept it “quilty” by cutting quilt images from catalogs and old magazines. The letters are lightweight papier mache ones from the craft store. This was a fun patchwork project of a different sort.


And then I saw a tutorial on making fabric twine from narrow strips. Of course I had to give it a try. The twine goes along quickly and is good handwork for watching tv or a movie. Before I knew it, there were yards and yards of pretty fabric twine. I used some as an edge finish on a journal quilt which I’ll show here in my next post. And the rest is just sitting and looking pretty, awaiting use in some other project.


There’s a bag full of strips, so I’m sure I won’t stop making the fabric twine until… who knows? I think it will make nice tie closures for fabric journals, so it's likely to come in handy.


Here’s new life for old tee-shirts. In Alma Stoller’s STITCHED online class, she offers some tutorials for making soft beads from strips cut from tee shirts. They’re chunky, clunky, and soft. And again, I think I’ll use them to embellish bindings or closures for journals.


I was recently invited to spend a day learning to craft a bracelet from old leather belts at Goatfeathers Studio. We crafted, painted, visited, and had a lovely lunch plus a tour of the studio. It was certainly my idea of a lovely day out! This is my bracelet resting atop a gift bag I painted with a Dresden Plate design. I stockpile and recycle gift bags by painting them with gesso and then adding some colorful painted or stamped images.


One of the participants in our recent Fantasy Fish workshop gifted me with this theme-related coaster featuring the artwork of Leoma Lovegrove. She has an entire line of products available at Beall’s stores. My quilting friend was wearing one of her tee shirts with a similar fish image on it. I may need to find one of those. I love the colors in Leoma Lovegrove's work. So while I don’t turn out quilts very quickly, you can see there’s never a dull moment in my sewing room. I believe my tombstone should say “She wanted to make one of everything.” I’ve certainly got enough stuff in the sewing room to do so!


sonja said...

Nancy, what a colorful post with lottsa ideas for creative minds and smart hands!
i also like to do smaller works between larger ones as it is just silly to not take up an idea and go with it, see where it leads. It makes going back to the larger, usually a quilt project with a refreshed attitude! No wonder i don't know how long it takes to make......i worked on it until it was done!

Createology said...

There certainly is something to the idea of "wanting to make one of everything". And here everything you have made is wonderful. I see lots of ideas for your twine and beads and bags. Creative Bliss and June JOY...

Robbie said...

Well, you are just so creative!!!! Love the initial, the cording (perfect for your journals, as you said!)....what a fun post!!!! So much inspiration for us!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

There is SO much creativity going on in this post, I have no idea where to begin. I have several of those letters, so I really like what you did with yours. It is fun and unique, but so YOU!!

You sure love to sew by hand. Very impressive fabric twine and soft beads from an old tee. Of course, that belt made me smile, too. That is something I might actually be able to make, at least if I had an old belt (grin).

Gifts from friends are always so nice and ALWAYS appreciated. Take it from me, because I KNOW.