Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snippets, The Lonely Heart, and More…


What might this little wad of loveliness be? Why it’s a “Snippet Roll”. A Snippet Roll is a repository for all those little bits we just cannot part with, but that pile up in the sewing room. I first noticed Snippet Rolls on Carole Brungar’s Madness and Mess blog, but now have seen them on many textile blogs, especially those with a vintage theme. They make for a very satisfying hand work project, stitching all those embellishments and trims. Rolled up they are tiny, pretty, and inviting.


Once unrolled, there’s a lot more to look at. This Snippet Roll began when I paid the shipping for a selection of ephemera from Kimberly’s studio at Art Joy Stuff. It arrived in the mail last week, one fully stuffed envelope filled with Valentine-themed trims and ephemera. The photos are below. After adding to the collection, I started the Snippet Roll with a long muslin strip to which I stitched lace and small paper images. Then I hand stitched even more little bits that seemed to go with the theme- handmade beads, yo-yos, buttons, sequins. I added a few pieces of lace to the back side with glue just to cover some of the stitching while keeping it flat and avoiding adding bulk. At the top, I made a fold-over sleeve through which I threaded the baker’s string. That string allows me to tie the roll closed, or hang it on the wall when it’s open.


This tin was one of the containers filled with goodies. I’m a big fan of tins, too, so this fits right into the sewing room collection.


Do you remember Schraft’s chocolates? The other container was this vintage Schraft’s candy box which was also stuffed with paper and fiber bits.


Here’s a peek inside the heart tin. It’s not as if I don’t have bits of lace and other items quite similar to these in my own sewing room. No, it’s just that other peoples’ stuff is better! I always feel that way at a quilt class when I look around the room and see everyone else’s fabrics. Their stuff is just better.


Kimberly had placed a Bingo card neatly wrapped with pink lace, ribbon, and sequins on top in the candy box. And there was more beneath it. I immediately began sifting through and the contents sparked the Snippet Roll. Being pretty spontaneous with projects, everything else got set aside while I jumped in to make the Snippet Roll. And I didn’t stop until it was done. Plus I started another one! They are great fun.


Since we’re discussing good things coming in the mail and ephemera, it’s a good time to mention the very intriguing and thoughtful post on “Ephemera vs. Hoarding” at Creatology. It’s all about sorting, storing, and saving all of the wonderful collectibles and memorabilia we gather. And it’s also good time to  show you the gorgeous bubble wand I received from Creatology, just because she’s generous and surprises her followers with a hand-crafted gift from time to time. It was my time, and this wonderful beaded and wrapped wire bubble wand arrived in the mail. Don’t you love it?


Over the years, I’ve collected things that just cannot be discarded. This Christmas card was made by a woman in her 80s who still did tatting. Those little flowers are so delicate. I’m not sure where I found the hosiery mending kit. Hosiery mending! Imagine. But inside are needle and several colors of thread, along with 5 sticky tabs meant to moisten and apply to a run to stop it. It was an advertising promotional put out by Wonder Bread. And now it’s just a collectible, because who needs to repair hosiery anymore? It’s an anachronism, and lots of people wouldn’t even know what the little kit was intended for. I also strolled by the free table at our guild and saw the lonely heart below lying there. It’s all hand quilted and nobody wanted it. I couldn’t just leave the heart there, now could I? It's too pretty to be lonely. And that’s the story of my burgeoning collection of bits and pieces of this and that. All of it just follows me home!



Createology said...

Well I have certainly felt many times that other peoples goodies are much better than mine. How funny that you wanted Kim's ephemera. I honestly think her stuff is fabulous...especially when she puts it together in her amazing creations. I absolutely MUST make a snippet roll. They are making me swoon with the vapors and I just love them. I am so glad you like your bubble wand and it definitely was your turn to receive a "faithful follower" giftie. I had never heard of a hosiery mending kit...what a vintage treasure. That is the sweetest little heart you brought home. Creative Bliss Dear...

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Aren't snippet rolls the best!?!! I love that you jumped right into creating with the Valentine goodies. Sweet Sherry's beautiful bubble wand is such a wonderful treat for you, enJOY Nancy!
hugs and JOY,

Robbie said...

The snippet roll is adorable!!!! How clever....and still tating in her 80's! My goodness..that is quite an art and slowly going by the wayside....what a keepsake!!!!

Susan said...

Your posts and photos always inspire me. What a lovely group of projects and pictures b

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had planned to be here sooner, but sleep caught up to me. Your snippet rolls are beautiful. I've seen them added to old wooden thread spools, but never just like yours. You have such a good eye for placing pieces together.

Your box of goodies was a real STEAL, too. Lots of goodies for the price of a package.

I'm going to check out that article at Creatology, because it's something I'm dealing with right now.

I bought a bubble wand at a Renn Faire one year. They are FUN. Mine is shaped like a heart, and the handle is much longer.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the article, but at least I'm FINALLY back online (grin).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Just read your lovely comment about my visual journal. I just make them. For some reason, I have NO desire to work in them. Call me crazy, but I prefer other media over these visual journals.

carole brungar said...

Hi Nancy! Loved seeing your snippet roll, and it is gorgeous too, I just want to climb right into the photo and touch everything hahaha. I must just say thank you for crediting it back to me, you are right that they are everywhere now, but not many people say where they came from.

I loved the red tatting, amazing that the lady who made them still has such good eye sight. Also loved that you said everyone else's scraps and goodies are always better than yours - well I'm sure we always think that. In one of my journal classes there was a woman who had the most interesting box of goodies and she made a wonderful journal and I would have loved to keep her journal for myself!! It was just stunningly beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.
Carole x

Linda Jo said...

Great post. Your snippet roll is lovely. Here is one Carole made for me:

I do love it!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Popped in from Elizabeth & Bleubeard's interview post over on Altered Book Lover, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am neither a sewer nor a quilter but admire greatly the work of those that can and do. The quilts I saw on ABL just melted my heart, I think quilts are wonderful things. I loved the bookmarks you showed, they are what I would consider the perfect stocking filler or a gift inside a card for someone, just knowing that it would be treasured. Probably because I know that I would.
On here the first thing I see is a Snippet Roll and, WoW, it's so lovely and a fabulous way to use up scraps. I sent a link to my dear friend Lynn who did a similar thing with a wooden spool, so she could come and drool too. Best ~ Mo :o))

Lynn Holland said...

Haha I did Mo. I love old bits of haberdashery and paper.
Will be popping back again
Lynn :)