Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bountiful Bowties…


There is something about vintage quilts that I just love! A quilting friend gifted me with this vintage Bow Tie quilt top. It had “aged” for awhile riding around in her car while she decided what to do with it. Then she remembered how much I like old quilts, and knew I’d give it a good home. The old fabrics are a fascinating study, and I could spend all kinds of time poring over the blocks and appreciating the prints.


Just look at the gray mourning print at the lower left, along with various indigo blues. But I’m really taken with the vibrance of the fuchsia print at the center. Although thin, the quilt top has retained its color and is in good shape. It’s all hand pieced with less-than-quarter-inch seams. Wow!


Receiving this old quilt top reminded me that I had a thing for Bow Tie quilts some years back. I made two- one wall-hanging, and the other more of a miniature. Both used the same fabric line, but in different color ways. My favorite earthy browns and greens came first. It’s hand quilted and still in use on the back of a sofa. The other is also hand quilted. For awhile I did a study on all the different ways you can piece a Bow Tie block. Dimensional ones were popular at the time, but all I could think of was the dust that would find its way into the folds, so I steered clear of those.


Speaking of providing a good home, meet Abby. Once again we were not seeking another pet. And yet… meet Abby. My husband was eating at a restaurant near the interstate when he and others spotted her in or near a dumpster looking for food. She was emaciated and weak. Everyone expressed concern, but most were traveling on the highway and could not help. So Jack brought her home. I will spare you a photo of her in the first days- she was a sad sight. A visit to the vet started her on the right road. I called her the girl with everything because she had fleas, parasites, and even heart worm. But at least she was not expecting puppies! She’s a very sweet girl and is gaining weight and strength. She’s been spayed and we’ve started on some basic obedience classes because she is completely clueless about walking on a leash without tripping me up and not jumping. But she’s smart and wants to please, and gets along very well with Scooter, our other rescue pup. The vet estimated that Abby is about a year old. She’s marked very pretty. After a brief wrestling match, Jack got her coat on her and she seems quite content to wear it on the colder days. She’s a nice girl and I think she plans to stay! I'll share more photos of her when she's in better rig.



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Abby is adorable. What is it about rescue animals that they want to please you so much? They seem to know that if it weren't for you, they could be dead by now. So wonderful that you "adopted" her.

My grandmother would have been appalled by the bow tie quilt because the points didn't match exactly. She was a stickler for that sort of thing. But the age of the quilt and the hand sewn aspect of it, it has held up quite well, especially having lived in a car for so long. I'm glad your friend gave it to you. Now you have rescued two "things" this week! Good for you.

Barb said...

great bow tie quilts!
Abby is so cute in her coat

Robbie said...

Finally, I get to see Abby!!! How her coat...and Scooter should have a play mate!!!!

Oh, the 'bow tie' you were given is quite nice for its age. Fabrics and colors are interesting. And your own bow tie quilts are also quite nice!!! I keep forgetting about the traditional patterns...priceless...

The Inside Stori said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading......but my late comment raves shouldn't be diminished by their tardiness.

Great way to utilize scarps.....and I'm in love with the vintage bow tie matter where I've taken my personal quilt journey......that scrappy style is still my favorite.