Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Rest of the Chihuly Exhibit…


Here are a few additional photos from the Chihuly in the Desert exhibition at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. What the artist can do with glass is truly astonishing. And then there is the placement of the pieces, which is an art in itself.


I didn’t get all of the glass sculpture names. My husband Jack was obligingly listing them as I took the photos. But quite often we got lost in the looking and did not jot them all down. This spectacular piece was almost hiding among the succulents in the Desert Loop Trail. Wouldn’t you love to have watched as these were being transported and installed? What a monumental task.


I found these Jade and Crimson Thorns oddly compelling, and the title sure says it all. That’s a dead Saguaro Cactus lying behind them. I’m not sure what you call that… a carcass? No, I don’t think that’s it. A skeleton? Yes, maybe that’s what they’re called.


As dusk fell, the sculptures were lit. This was taken when it was just getting toward dusk. Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower mimics the Saguaros in the background. There was also a line of colorful glass ascending the hill, but it was almost impossible to capture without blurring the shot.


We had to backtrack to view some of the glass after dark, and this Sonoran Boat was one I did not want to miss. Fiery and beautiful!


In looking back at the photos I took, I’m surprised at how many I was able to shoot without getting lots of the crowd in them. The exhibition was packed, as you might imagine.


And lest we forget.. not everything that took my breath away was man-made. Here are a couple of pictures from the Sedona Red Rock area. At every turn there is yet another magnificent landscape. I never tire of looking.


I’m going to get back to quilting, journal making, and paper crafting now, but I did want to share these photos. And I’m filled with inspiration and gratitude after soaking in all this beauty!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I Love chihuly's art and this is amazing. So glad you got to see it, how inspiring!!

LynCC said...

Wow!!! Gosh, I would love seeing that! So nice o fyou to share - you got some really amazing pictures.

Robbie said...

Chihuly's art work is amazing!!! Thanks so much for posting all the pics!!

Dorothy Donna Parker said...

Stunning and so much fun to see in person. I'm sure the exhibit will inspire your quilting. hugs, Donna

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Just simple wonderful!!!

1CardCreator said...

Wow, these are amazing, I love glass sculpture, these pieces are stunning, beautiful photos also. ~Diane

Jan said...

I guess I haven't stopped by your blog in awhile. These glass pieces are so amazing and beautiful and fit so unexpectedly well into the land scape. I'm especially taken with the Jade and Crimson Thorns ones. They all are simply magnificent. I also liked the stuffy you made to demonstrate stitching in a couple of posts back. Cute and a noble project.