Monday, April 21, 2014

Long May They Wave…


Hanging out these prayer flags made it feel fresh and spring-like here this Easter weekend, even though it was cool and overcast. The display is located in a grove of trees behind our garden and next to the horse paddock. I hung them while husband Jack was out there riding in order to introduce the colorful flags carefully and make sure they did not spook the horse. You just never know what a horse will take exception to! He was fine with them. Me, too. I just enjoy seeing them fluttering there, and plan to add some more.


I made a few of the flags, but others were given to me by friends or received in a swap I participated in at Creative Lenna’s site. This one is rusted fabric with stamping and embellishments sent by quilting friend Joanne. I added the lace topper and tied some handmade paper beads (also from a Creative Lenna swap) on the sides.


Joanne made this one, too. Some friends raise poultry and exotic birds, so I'd collected some feathers from their yard. Just had to add some to form the bird’s tail!


This Stitch and Sew flag contains pieces of leftover art cloth (donated by a number of people) on a crazy batik background, along with a trimmed off piece of embroidery I just could not throw away. I won the spool and scissor images in a blog giveaway. These prayer flags are so freeing to assemble and sew. And it gives a home (a rather pretty one I think) to those things that hide out in the sewing room just waiting for a use.


This one also gave me a chance to try free-motion writing. Somehow making prayer flags are like making cards- while I’m working on one, the next one is already formulating itself in my head. I have piles of pieces and fabrics that look like they just need to get together in a flag. So another creative session of assemblage is coming up!

My one concern is that we have a coyote in our neighborhood. He steals our newspaper from time to time and shreds it up in the field next door. I hope he leaves these flags intact. Otherwise, they are out there on their own. We’ll see how colorfast and storm proof they are. Let the deterioration begin!


Dorothy Donna Parker said...

Oh so beautiful, Nancy. Must be so lovely to just sit and watch them in the breeze -- peace. hugs, Donna

1CardCreator said...

So nice to meet you Nancy, any friend of Donna's is a friend of mine :)
Your prayer flags are beautiful, you will have to let us know if the coyote bothers them. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too. ~Diane

Createology said...

Your Prayer flags are stunning. I do hope the coyote leaves them alone. They are such a peaceful display. Looking forward to seeing what your next Creative foray leads to...

Jan said...

Your flags look fabulous! I love seeing mine wave in the breeze also. Yours are all so different. Might you be able to hang them higher, out of reach of the coyote? I have seen a hilarious cartoon showing a horse sitting in front of a movie screen with popcorn in hoof looking scared out of his wits and on the screen is the opening credits that read, "The plastic bag flapped!" and it shows a scene of a plastic bag caught on a barb wire fence. Sheesh, it isn't nearly as funny to describe as it is to seen. Maybe you can google it. Anyway, Nice Flags!! Hope they hold up.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

How are they doing Nancy?? I love seeing that you hung your prayer flags up! Did the coyote bother them at all? maybe not as they are hung up, not on the ground like the paper. I think sunprinting fabric for prayer flags is a wonderful idea -thank you!!! Perhaps I will use one of those pieces I did for that. I do have flags from the swap packed away . . . you are giving me ideas!! appreciate your continued visits to my blog. xo