Saturday, August 11, 2012

What a Little Character!

Do you recognize this little girl? She is one of my favorite characters of all time. It's Dolly Dingle. Isn't she cute? I had paper dolls of her and her friends as a child way back when (um... not the '30s though... just sayin'), and always found her cherubic face appealing. Dolly Dingle was designed by illustrator Grace Drayton, who also designed the Campbell Soup Kids... you can see the resemblance. Dolly and friends appeared in women's publications in the 1930s and had worldwide adventures, so the images of them included costumes from the many nations they "visited". Her paper dolls were popular through the '30s, and reappeared to become popular again in the 1950s. When I saw a Dolly Dingle fabric panel on eBay recently, I snapped it up. The panel has four dolls to stitch and stuff, along with some tiny pets.

When I worked at the Quilting Today and Traditional Quiltworks magazines, we did an article on Dolly Dingle and on redwork, and included some Dolly Dingle embroidery square patterns. I made one, but no longer have it as it's in a Christmas quilt I gave away. But I did find my block patterns, so I may need to embroider another block or two of these cuties. I don't know just what I'll do with these dolls or the embroidered blocks, but that never stopped me before. As far as I'm concerned, some things I feel drawn to sew are just there for me to admire. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm sort-of fond of Sunbonnet Sue, but I just love Dolly Dingle.

And speaking of characters, I say welcome back to the Dallas characters Bobby and JR Ewing, and family. We have been enjoying the newly made episodes of Dallas this summer. Have you watched them?We find the series well-cast and well-written (if you like a good soap opera drama like Dallas... which of course we did back in the day of the first series, and we still do now that it's updated). In the next-to-the-last episode, just when several crises were buidling for all the bad actors (and there are many), some brilliant writer or creator incorporated Johnny Cash's foreboding song, "When the Man Comes Around." It was powerfully used, and just about made the hairs on your arms stand on end... which is a line in the song, too. Behind-the-scenes writers don't get much credit, but we thought this moment was genius... tension, dread, drama. Fun entertainment. But back to sewing. Here are some more of the Dolly Dingle stitch-and-sews for your entertainment. 


Susan said...

You have given me an education. I'd never heard of Dolly Dingle, but of course she looks just like the Campbell Soup kids. Now if you had Betsy McCall, I'd know her in an instant. My sister and I spent many rainy afternoons playing with those paper dolls.

Robbie said...

Dolly Dingle...who knew!! They do resemble the Campbell kids don't they. I don't remember these but that's not new! I don't remember yesterday! They are adorable, Nancy!!!

Valerie said...

I did not know the doll's name either but do remember seeing them. Your completed one is so cute! Are you going to stuff the rabbit?

We also enjoyed the Dallas series but somehow the recordings got cancelled and we missed that last few episodes. I have a feature called "catch up" that does have them listed. Now to find the time to sit and watch. When the series first came out - we LOVED this show. We as college students would gather together and create a party night just to eat and watch Dallas... great memories.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Thanks for the education, Nancy. I'm not sure we had these in Canada, although certainly we had campbell soup. The dolls are longing to be hugged - hope you play with them lots. xoDonna