Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Prayer Flags... Somebody Stop Me!

The deadline approaches for the Creative Swaps exchange of prayer flags. Only three are needed for the swap, but I've become enamored of these little treasures, and can't seem to stop making them. As so often happens, I'm percolating ideas for the next one while I'm still working on the one in front of me! One reason I like the flags is because they cause me reflect on prayerful thoughts and positive ideas. My earliest flags were about peace and friendship. That led to my thinking about security and safety, so that now I'm making sanctuary-themed flags. I envision these flags fluttering near the homes of those who will recieve them, and home is sanctuary to me. This one has pieces of home decorator fabric samples, acrylic paint stamped letters, and bits of trim.

And this one is made using short lengths of ribbon woven to make the base, It's topped with sparkly sheer, lace, buttons, and stamped images. What's more joyful than birdsong? The ends of the ribbon are loose, and the sheer is cut in loose strips so that there will be lots of movement when the breezes blow. And given the current hurrican track forecast, the breezes will blow indeed in Florida. Do hope the storm will diminish or alter its path for the least impact!

These are the two flags I showed in an earlier post, but with a shabby yo-yo flower added and a little back interest completed with free-motion stitching. The Sanctuary flag also has some back interest, shown below.

Do you remember the recent erosion projects in which mixed-media artists left bundles containing assorted fabric, paper and metal out in the elements to decay? After some time passed, the bundles were unwrapped and the pieces incorporated in journals, quilts or other creations. I have a poetic picture of these little flags out there eroding, too. They'll brave the elements in someones yard, and bring a smile to whoever sees them while the flags get more tattered with each passing day. Until someday... poof... they'll turn into lint. But the beautiful thoughts will linger on!


Susan said...

Why stop, they are fantastic!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh My, Nancy - they are exquisite. ... and addictive. Keep on making them 'til you get it out of your system - I love seeing them. xoDonna

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hello Nancy,

I agree with your other two commenters!! They are lovely.

I am new to your delightful blog...and will visit you again, soon!

:) Carolyn

Barb said...

why stop! these are wonderful. Do people really hang them outside? I love the Joy flag with the bird, so sweet

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really like all of your flags, Nancy and the thoughtful way yo set out about making them. So glad you joined my swap! They are up on the creative swaps blog" now! lenna

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Stop You????? Heck no, they're too cute!!!