Sunday, June 17, 2012

Progress in Free-Motion Quilting...

This quilt is the result of some additional practice in free-motion machine quilting. I didn't make the quilt top. It's the creation of quilting friend Jan who started out to make a table runner and some matching placemats. Somehow, she instead turned it into a quilt top which she slated for one of the many donation quilts our guild gives each year to several worthy causes. Jan heads up the donation quilt project and periodically delivers quilts to the recipients. She brought the top to a meeting and asked if anyone would take the top and complete it. I found the asymmetry of her setting appealing, so I agreed, and home it came. I like quilts that sort of invent themselves, as this one did.

It took awhile, but at last the quilt is finished and ready to return.  I'm glad I took this project on. As it turns out, I'm happy enough with how the machine quilting turned out. I use a Bernina with the Stitch Regulator for some quilting, but uninstall it and quilt without it some of the time. I can't decide if the Stitch Regulator is a reliable help, or if it's just as easy without it. Do you have experience using a stitch regulator on your machine? I'd be interested to hear your take on its usefulness. (By the way, if the fonts in this post look different colors in your display, I'm clueless as to why that is. I was unable to correct it. Apparently some things changed in the short time I was away from Blogger.)

Thanks to the Sew Cal Gal FMQ Challenge, I was able to apply a few of the tips and patterns I learned in the monthly tutorials. That meandering ivy you can see in the photo from the back of the quilt (below) is one of the lessons I've used more than once. It's still a challenge to wrestle with the bulk of a piece while quilting it, but I did persevere to the end. Now to apply my newly developed machine quilting skills to the pile up of unfinished quilts awaiting completion! Now there's a lofty goal.



Susan said...

Good for you for practicing your free motion. You have done great work. I learned before the stitch regulators were perfected, and when I tried a Bernina with a stitch regulator, I did not like it. I had developed my own rhythm, and the stitch reg and I were not in sync. That said, if you have never done free motion work, the stitch regulator is a great learning tool, but you will always have more control without it. Like anything else, it's practice, practice, practice.

Robbie said...

Nancy, I have a 1090 Bernina and the 440 (Artisia??)...with stitich regulator but I don't use it! It drives me fact, most of my FMQ'ing is done on the good, old, reliable 1090! I took it to Fl. and I even set it in my sewing table putting the newer Bernina to take to Florida. Stitch regulator might be nice for some but not for me. Nice work on your quilting!!!