Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Angel at Work...

This cute garden angel is a part of the row robin project I'm participating in with several members of my quilt guild. Participants exchanged bags recently, and each bag contained instructions for the quiltmaker's theme along with several yards of background and accent fabrics. The bag also held the quiltmaker's first row. Once we get a bag, we're on our own to come up with a row that measures 54" for that quilter's project. We can use our imaginations and our fabric scraps to stitch the row. The first row for my own quilt is shown here.

I got Normajean's project in the first exchange, and her theme is angels. I'm pretty partial to angels, too, so had fun coming up with the elements for my contribution. I can show you this piece because she's not online, so there's no chance she'll see this angel before all the rows are completed and returned to her. And it's just one part of the row I've made... there's more. The pattern is a block from a sampler published in a long-ago issue of Sampler Quilts magazine. The published quilt was titled "My Favorite Things" and made by Dottie Williams of California. This angel was so appealing, going about her gardening duties. It's done in fusible applique with machine blanket stitched edges.

Don't you just love to sew? Me, too.


Robbie said...

Can't wait to see what happens with your row! I love the pink/greens you used. And what fun to work on this row as well!! I'm cleaning instead of doing some art work but soon!! I hope!

LynCC said...

How fun to be doing a robin project. I've been wanting to do one. I need to approach folks in my guild and see if they'd like to get together. :)

Love this angel and your own row's cheeriness.

Fun to find your blog - surfed here via Quilting Bloggers.