Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't You Just Love to Sew?

Me, too. That's why this nostalgic vintage image appealed to me so much. It's one of the free images from the Clearly Vintage blog (a June, 2010 post). This little girl is so absorbed in her embroidery. She reminded me a little bit of me. Embroidery was the first kind of hand work I learned when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Growing up in a very small, rural village meant that our local five-and-dime store, Newberry's, was the best source of sewing supplies. I remember the large wooden counters with small compartments in which the floss was displayed by color. What a wonderful array!

So I had to use this image in some of the notecards I made while taking part in vintage notecard swap at Creative Swaps. These were not among the ones I sent for the swap though. I just couldn't stop making the cards, so I was an overachiever, and made these little notecards to stay home with me for now.

I used a variety of techniques and materials in making the cards such as bobbin sewing with metallic thread, die cutting, pen-stitching, and more. Great fun, and I'm sure this little girl will show up in more projects at some point.


Nancy said...

I love the image and the cards you made are wonderful.....I can see why you just couldn't stop.....

Robbie said...

very sweet and brings back memories of school (yes, I still remember school!).