Saturday, November 20, 2010

Buttoned Up Ornament

At last I've found a home for some of those little treasures and embellishments I've been collecting for years! This nostalgic ornament began life as in inexpensive acrylic ornament from the craft store. I added bits of pattern tissue using decoupage medium. And when that dried, I added bits of text, tatting, images, buttons, beads, and yarns using more medium to adhere them. I think it has a nice vintage look with a little bit of glitz.
The ornament top was a bit too shiny, so I tinted it with alcohol ink which seemed to tone it down some. One thing I especially like about my exploration of mixed media projects is using that "someday stuff" that is tucked away all over my sewing room. And I love learning about new products and techniques. Of course this means even more "stuff"' finds its way into the space. Managing the stuff has become a bit of a task, but so worth it. I entered this piece in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors "All Buttoned Up Challenge."


Susan said...

What a treasure, and a brilliant idea to use alcohol ink

Jan said...

Nice, I bet you will surely get into that challenge with this entry.

Skooks said...

Ok, this is way too cool. Someday I want to have a little Christmas tree in my sewing room with all sewing related ornaments on it. And maybe I'd leave it up year round. This one would be such a sweet addition. Good job!