Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Are They Working On?

One of my favorite things about quilt guilds and sewing groups is that there is always something going that inspires! I love the variety of projects, fabric choices, and techniques on display at a gathering of quilters. The Monday afternoon group of my local guild is no exception. I'm not always able to join them, but when I can, here's what it looks like. Kathy and her granddaughter worked on the batik turtles. They enjoy sewing together.

Eddie was binding this lovely Thistle quilt that now hangs on a wall in her home.

Freda is working on her pumpkin stack wallhanging.
Ann-Marie is appliqueing the border with lively bright flowers on black.

Norma Jean is also working on bright floral applique on a dark background.

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Martha Lever said...

Hi Nancy,
How wonderful to have a quilting group the regularly get together. We used to have a calligraphy guild but it dissolved many years ago and I have missed it ever since. Lovely quilts!