Thursday, March 23, 2017

Oh, the Things You See...

I feel a bit like a "Grandma Moses" of art journaling. Many years ago I enjoyed doing a lot of different crafts, but finally told myself "Pick one!" because there just was so little time or space for multiple hobbies while teaching and raising our family. So I chose quilting at the time. However, in retirement, I have more leisure time and have discovered an interest in mixed media art journaling. I never tried it before, but have really enjoyed exploring the supplies and techniques. It helps that I enroll in online classes in order to learn what to do and how to do it. My most recent class is a 16-week one called One BADASS Art Journal 2017. Each week a new artist guides us through a lesson. Tiare Smith is the organizer of the class and she taught the dream girl above which includes the use of a floral napkin in the composition. So I'll share a little peak into my art journal here.

The second week was about using black backgrounds and adding texture with modeling paste. Fun!

And then we learned to make our own art papers, create compositions with them, and add doodles for interest. There's lots more to come as we are not even half way through the course.

We've traveled about some lately, too, so I have not been blogging as much. But I'm always taken by the scenes and things you see when traveling. This lovely entry is part of a large Thoroughbred horse farm in our area. We're always happy to drive by at night when it's lit so beautifully. Very inviting, don't you think?

And we met some friends in Dunedin, FL, near Tampa recently. The community has some nice art installations around town. I just love the colors and graceful lines of this one.

These dolphins are also displayed around town and are done by different artists in different styles.

One night we were driving at sunset and saw this magnificent anvil cloud. Just amazing.

I always notice cars and love vintage ones. But I'd never seen anything quite like this one. It's so customized that I can't figure out what it started out life as. Those gray areas are a brushed finish and it drew a lot of attention there in the parking lot. You just never know what surprises are in store when you are out and about! Phone cameras are just the best for recording those special sights.


sonja said...

you do get around! and a badass Art class can't be anything but good.
1 love that you are loving AJ! The cloud/sunset almost looked like a bomb blast at first.i am scheduled for eye check soon!!Blue dolphin looks like a great photo op! i do recall a call for artist to decorate plastic Quarter horses and the one covered with quilt pattern caught my eyes!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I never cared much for art journaling until recently. I am not much of one to write lots of words with pictures, but I know some people are. I think that class is exactly what you have been looking for and I have truly enjoyed seeing some of the pieces from your journal. Black backgrounds really make the colors pop.

These dolphins are similar to the cows that were first shown in Chicago a few years ago, and zebras in the UK became the rage for awhile. We have an Indian here, and now you have found dolphins in FL. Very appropriate, I think.

That car really caught my eye. I'd have taken a photo, too. It really IS amazing what you find when you're out and about.

Robbie said...

I have always enjoyed your quilting and other 'arts' but this journaling is perfect for you!! This journal is wonderful!!!!