Sunday, August 14, 2016

Well, Hello Again!

This gracious mermaid welcomed us to a jewelry and gift shop on our recent trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. She's quite detailed and she sails above the counters of merchandise at The Best of Everything. She's larger-than-life size and really caught my eye while shopping there. I thought she'd make the perfect hostess to welcome you to this post!

However, before I share some photos from our trip, I've got a few from a class I took before we left in early August. Being quite taken with fabric flower embellishments of all kinds, I enrolled in a class on making several varieties of them to add to my repertoire. The class was taught by Celeste Beck of Goatfeathers Studio. This shabby chic rolled denim rose is added to a gathered muslin and lace base. This one might be my favorite.

Here's another rolled fabric rose, top left, shown with several smaller roses made using a different technique. The dark print didn't allow the rose petal shapes to be as distinct as I'd like, so I'd choose another fabric strip to make it from another time. I'll share a few more flowers from the class in another post.

 Here's a double-layer flower. This one was offered in a tutorial by Judy Hansen from Quilt Shop of DeLand. While it's not sewn on, the center paper button is one I made using a tutorial from Jenniebellie on her YouTube channel.

A yo-yo topped with a button made a great center for this ribbon rose. I didn't make it, but found it for less than $1 at The Container Store in Tampa. It was my first visit to the store and I was happy to get there as I'd been reading about how much people like the chain. It really has so many wonderful storage items we could have spent much longer there. However, since we were traveling to Maine the next day, I limited my purchases to this flower and an egg timer! I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to make one like this though.

On to Maine! I never get tired of Maine. For one thing, arriving here from Florida, I noticed right away how refreshing it was to have the windows wide open to enjoy the ocean breezes. The air is so fresh with a cool tinge to it. Lovely.

And here's where old boats retire. Even they get a spot with a beautiful bay view and fresh air.

The entrance to a campground near where we stayed is marked by this "canned ham" vintage camper and surfer's wagon. We drove by it each day, and I had to take some pictures of it. I was asked about the make of the vehicle, and I'm not sure but think it might be an early '60s or late '50s Studebaker. Anyone have another guess?

Our daughter says this photo makes her feel immediately calm, peaceful and de-stressed. That's good because she began a new job and was not able to travel with us, so the picture will have to do. It's a view of lobster boats in Cape Porpoise.

 And here are more boats moored at Perkins Cove near Ogunquit. There is a mile-long path along the ocean to walk out here called The Marginal Way. We walk it a couple of times when we visit the area.

Of course we enjoyed the catch those lobster boats brought in. We purchase fresh, cooked lobster right at the dock and bring them back to our rental to eat. Somehow, lobster tastes the sweetest in Maine.

 We had a lovely rental at Goose Rocks Beach. Quiet and peaceful with a short walk to this beach. I can tell you this water is icy!! I never did get all the way in this year, though I have other times. It's not easy. Except of course for kids- they run right in full of joy and exuberance and hardly notice the water temperature. We enjoy watching the families on the beach. It's such a safe place for children to explore and run free. We took our children there many summers while they were growing up, and they enjoyed the beach time, too. This year our son Lee was able to join us for a couple of nights, so it was fun to walk The Marginal Way with him and share some good meals and memories together. We sure hope we can get back there next year!


Nancy said...

Nancy, your trip to Maine looks like you had lots of adventures and wonderful meals. I think trips such as this replenish us to start a new season with vigor.....I love the roses you made and I too think the denim one is my favorite.I bet you will find lots of uses for it......Oh and that mermaid....she is a hoot....

Barb said...

what a lovely travel post! the lobster looks delicious and the sail boats are calming.
Thanks for sharing such great summer photos.

Robbie said...

First off, your roses are lovely! Each one is unique but I really like the double layered flower! that is really nice.
Maine is a great state. I've only been there once with hubby and we loved it. Also got to see Stephen King's home! So funny, we ate at a local restaurant downtown Bangor, Maine. We asked about King and they said he and his wife were great with being active parents in the school, helping support sports, etc. They said "go to see his house. It's 2 streets over, down a block, yada, yada". So we did! Looked just like something King would live in! They were doing remodeling on the outside and they weren't there but it was fun to see. It was raining so hubby got out and took pics of his house. Just another memory of Maine! HA

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have NO idea how I missed this post, but I am glad I finally showed up, because it is packed with great photos, good food, and wonderful fabric art.

The mermaid caught my eye, as did all those roses. Each is lovely in its own right.

I remember spending many hours and dollars in the The Container Store when I used to visit Kansas City, MO. It was a truly wonderful place to lose yourself for hours on end. You were lucky to get out of there with only the flower and egg timer!

You shared some awesome photos of Maine. I really enjoyed the retired boat yard. I thought it was quite funny, in fact. I hope you had a great time there this year, because I really enjoyed traveling there with you! BTW, I have never heard it called a "canned ham" camper before, but it sure fits its name!

FlourishingPalms said...

What a nice place to go - Maine! I've been there only once, and it was wonderful. And I totally agree with you that Maine lobster is sweet. There's none to compare. Loved seeing the old car pulling an old trailer. You know, I think that trailer is a Serro Scottie! If so, it's identical to the one our family of five traveled in for annual vacations. We went "out west" (from Ohio) in that. Mother had such a system for stocking the trailer, putting everything in its proper place, and then for washing and dressing each of us kids for bed. Good memories there, though at the time I don't think everyone thought it was truly a wonderful experience! But we got to inexpensively see much of the US that way.

Createology said...

An early 1960ish Corvair Wagon I believe. How clever to greet campers with this duo. I have never been to Maine yet it looks so lovely. Your fabric roses/flowers are wonderful. I truly enjoy creating fabric flowers. How fun to take a class. Fall is in the air and so are leaves and acorns. September Smiles...